20 Things to do With Your Man in 2020

Resolutions gather on my newsfeed as the new year draws closer day by day. Though resolutions may not be my thing, in 2020 I do have a few wishes. Mainly, I hope to slow down and devote quality time to my spouse. So, without further ado, I give you…

20 Things to do With Your Man in 2020


  1. Scheduled Date Night: Though this may seem like it lacks spontaneity, scheduling date night forces availability in busy schedules. Last year we agreed to one night a month of quality alone time. This year I’d like to up to twice monthly.
  2. Free Time Rotation: I love when daddy and son have designated guy’s night. They go out for pizza while mom gets free time (even if just for an hour) to soak in a bubble bath, read a book, shave her legs haha! This can obviously be reciprocated for daddy and allows for “me” time to re-energize to be at best for your family. Though I am aware this does not involve spending quality time together, it does take team work so that both mom and dad get a break every now and then!
  3. Eat Dinner Together: Call me old fashioned, but if you are able, eating dinner together without electronic devices is a great habit to bring back.
  4. Finance Class: I have had family members swear by attending a budgeting class they were able to review over finances with their spouse and put aside funds for vacations and other fun splurges throughout the year. This creates a mutual goal and fun reward!
  5. Bible Study: Many couples in our church enjoy rotating bible study at different houses every week. It provides time for spiritual growth with your spouse and fellowship with friends facing similar issues.

Team Work

6. House Project: Tackle that laundry room makeover together. Pick out a new paint color, throw on some overalls and viola!

7. Escape Room: Gather up your favorite crew and put your smarts to the test. Escape rooms are a fun new challenge in our area that even offer a scary option for those that like more of an adrenaline rush!

8. Cook a Meal: Try out a new recipe and let the hubby throw in his expertise. You may discover he has a natural talent and let him take over cooking from there on out (a girl can dream)!

9. Train for an Athletic Event: I always love watching power couples train for marathons together. How encouraging to have your man cheering you on as you complete your first 5k!

10. Let him teach you a hobby: So hunting may not be your thing, but give him your full attention and let him take you to the bow range. Take time to see his passion from his perspective.

11. Teach him a hobby of your own: Return the favor. Drag him along to that cookie decorating class you’ve been dying to go to!


12. Weekend Getaway: Go somewhere you’ve both never been. It can be as easy as a town just a few miles out, or even a road trip to a different state. Ever ridden on a train?

13. Go on an adventure: Check out some local plantations, lighthouses, and museums! We are blessed to have so many fun places to explore along the gulf coast.

14. Trip to the park: This can be with or without the kids. Sometimes just a walk in the fresh air can be re-energizing after a hard day. Take a jog or bring the dog for a run. Even if you both wear headphones and zone out, get outside!

15. Festival Hop: The strawberry festival, the crawfish festival, the blues festival, jazz fest…. need I say more?


16. Dress up: Get all gussied up and attend a ball, gala, or art exhibit. Many fundraising organizations have beautiful events to attend. If not your thing, make reservations for that ritzy restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

17. Star Show: I know, I’m a nerd. But there is something so romantic about being underneath the stars! The planetarium downtown is my fave spot for geeking out.

18. Game Night: This doesn’t have to be with friends. My super competitive hubby and I often enjoy putting the kiddo down for bed and playing a fierce game of Uno!

19. Couple’s Shoot: How long has it been since you and your partner took professional photos together, just the two of you? Yeah, I thought so. To spice things up, I’ve even had friends do couple’s boudoir, are you brave enough?

20. Couple’s Massage/Pedicure: Obviously, a couple’s massage is a win for both parties any time of year. I am absolutely determined to bring my hubs along for a pedicure this year. I always love watching the awkward guys at the nail salon nervously sit in the pedicure chair, mere moments later they are relaxed and fiddling with the massage settings, enjoying a good foot scrub. Classic!

What are some memories you hope to create with your spouse in 2020?


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