A Children’s Hospital Christmas Poem

As I crawl out of bed I spy my little one lost in a dream.
A typical Christmas morning to follow it would seem.
Reflections of Christmas lights dance across his face.
To search for toys from Santa soon he will race.

Visits from loved ones will bring joy throughout the day.
Cookies and candies will be his favorite part I would say.
Laughter and joy echo as everyone gathers around.
But someone will be missing, it’s me that won’t be found.

I wipe away a tear as I say goodbye.
Yes, after years in healthcare, leaving on holidays still makes me cry.
As I drive in the dark I place myself with the Lord.
I must remember some children won’t be home a Christmas more.

Upon entering the doors you may find a string of light,
Hanging in a patient room shining cheerfully so bright.
Though there are also dark rooms, where no family gather ’round.
It appears as though no holiday cheer can be found- that is until we arrive.With a jingle of Christmas bells enter the staff one and two.
Adorned with festive prints, we sing and we cheer to bring laughter to you!
Donations of Christmas gifts flood through the halls.
It seems Santa knew where to find the sick kiddos after all.

We gaze at pictures sent from family as our children open gifts.
A quick Facetime during a break to blow them a kiss.
Then its back to caring for sicks ones who eagerly await
With medications and feedings, we mustn’t be late.

As the sun meets the moon at the end of my day,
I reflect on the Christmas magic that too came my way.
There were smiles and laughter in the most unsuspecting spot.
As the community joined together to spread cheer to every tot.

And even in those darkest of rooms, love was found.
A nurse humming a Christmas lullaby ’til a babe is sleeping sound.
Or a housekeeper drawing jolly characters on the whiteboard of each room.
We do it because, as much as we love and miss our own families, we love yours too!



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