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After my second son Ben was born (all 9 pounds 14 ounces of him), my body was less than ideal.  I had gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy with him, and after he was born I wondered if I would ever get my pre-baby body back.  I was especially concerned because my core muscles were extremely weak, and I was having back pain.

One day, as I was driving home, I passed The Bar Method.  At the time, the studio had not opened, but I was curious as to what it was and what types of exercises it offered.  I spent a few weeks doing a little research online, and I discovered that it was an ideal workout for pregnancy and for getting your post-baby body back into shape.  I was sold!  Once I was cleared to exercise from my obstetrician, I went to my first class.


To be honest, once I walked into the studio, I freaked out a little bit.  With mirrors on the walls, I looked down at my very-soft, large post-baby belly and feared that I would be judged by my less-than stellar appearance.  What I quickly learned is that is FAR from the truth.  They welcome and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.  Furthermore, they embrace the challenge of working out clients who are pregnant or have injuries, and they modify the exercises in a way that is both safe and beneficial for them.

Jean Chou, owner and instructor, taught my first class.  My first impression of her was that she was extremely professional and knowledgable about the body (when I went back, I realized that all instructors were this way, per the rigorous training required to become a Bar Method instructor).  She was very focused on our form, and she called me out by name several times so I could make the adjustments necessary to keep my body safe and to get the most out of my workout.  Throughout the workout, we used low-weight dumbbells to strengthen our arms and the barre to stabilize our bodies for the calf, thigh, seat, and some core work.  We also spent time stretching out each muscle group immediately after it was worked.  By the end of class, my body felt a combination of pain and relaxation (if that makes any sense).  I was hooked.


That was a year and a half ago.  Since then, I have lost all of the baby weight (that’s right…all 70 pounds!) and have noticed muscles in my body that I didn’t even know existed!  I definitely still have areas of my body that I’d like to work on, but I am certainly happy with how far I’ve come.

One more thing…Bar Method understands that it’s difficult to exercise with children at home.  Thankfully, they offer childcare for their morning classes on the weekdays!  Their childcare room is any kid’s dream, and the girls who watch the kids are kind, knowledgable, and my children love them!


Thinking about trying a barre class?  There are numerous barre studios in Baton Rouge, so you have several to choose from!  Here’s a list that I have compiled:

The Bar Method

8645 Bluebonnet Blvd., Suite C


Open Barre

10222 The Grove Blvd.


Pure Barre

3033 Perkins Road, Suite B


Purely E

7330 Highland Road #118

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Body Sculpt Barre Studio

37436 Ultima Plaza Blvd, Suite G

Prairieville, LA 70769


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Megan is a wife and stay-at-home-mommy to Matthew and Benjamin. A Navy brat, she spent her childhood moving and traveling throughout the country. Her family finally settled down in Louisiana, and she has called Baton Rouge her home since she became an LSU Tiger in the fall of 1998. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and her Master’s in Secondary Education, she and her husband, Kenny, were married in 2004. For nearly ten years, Megan taught literature on the middle and high school levels. She is passionate about reading and instilling the love of reading to children. After four years of struggling through infertility, they were ecstatic to enter the world of parenthood in 2010. A true lover of lunching with friends, pedicures, exercise, literature, and lattes, her latest interests include tractors, pirates, climbing, and superheroes.


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