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The Beauty of Life After Tragedy

Knots are in my stomach as I sit at my mother’s kitchen table frantically texting my programmer, checking my website, and watching the clock. We’re supposed to go to dinner in 15 minutes. My...

Breast Milk, The Liquid Gold

Disclaimer: This is a guest post from Dr. Leanne Redman, associate professor of women’s health studies at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. You can get to know her more here and read her first post here....

BR Fitness Crawl: One Mom’s Experience and Top Picks

I love free stuff and I enjoy trying new things. So when I heard about the Baton Rouge Fitness Crawl, I couldn’t contain my excitement! From July 15th -30th, several local, fitness centers opened...

Navigating Discouraging Advice as a New, Pregnant Mom

I can honestly say that motherhood has always been a desire of my heart. When I was younger and people would ask me the “what do you want to be when you grow up?”...

Change the Culture: Eating for You, Not for Two

Disclaimer: This is the first guest post from Dr. Leanne Redman, associate professor of women's health studies at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. You can get to know her more here. Her facts and opinions...

Beautiful Birth: A Stress-Free Vaginal Twin Delivery

   My birth story begins at my 12 week ultrasound for my second pregnancy. We brought our 15-month-old with us to see her brother or sister for the first time. Imagine our UTTER surprise...

Beautiful Birth: Placenta Previa Leads to a C-Section

In my early teens, I learned about natural childbirth from a close family friend who had a homebirth. I thought her story was awesome. She was actually the one who allowed me to witness...

Beautiful Birth: A Home Birth Under Midwife Care

I never thought a home birth would be for me. Only crazy people did that, right? Then my best friend had a home birth. Soon after, I joined a natural birth community in Louisiana...

Beautiful Birth: An Induction and C-Section for a Healthy Mom & Baby

It all started with a heartbeat. That strong, simple, yet deafening sound that you hear the day you nervously walk into the ultrasound room hoping for the first glimpse at your new life. Sometimes the...

Beautiful Birth: A Natural Hospital Water Birth

December 22nd was a chilly, downright cold Sunday that started the same as any other. Except I was 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Tim and I were going for a walk, and on...

Beautiful Birth: A Successful, Natural VBAC

My c-section in 2009 was very unnecessary. It was an induction with sedatives, Pitocin, epidural and Stadol. I slept for 24 hours and they woke me up to “push”. Tired from all the medications...

Beautiful Birth: An Unexpected Home Birth

For the birth of my third baby, I decided I would do things a little differently. My first was born via cesarean and my second was a VBAC. While I was thrilled with the...