Jamie LeBoeuf

Jamie has had more careers than children but still considers wife and mom the role she was born for. She has been married to her high school sweetheart Jared for fifteen years. Together they have Ben, 12, Jack, 10 and Lauren, 4. Jamie grew up in Buras, Louisiana, but has lived in the Baton Rouge area since 1996. Jamie attended LSU law school and practiced law for about two years before becoming a stay at home mom, then later making a career change to professional counseling. She now works part-time as a marriage, family and individual counselor. Jamie and her family are active members in their church, Live Oak Methodist, and volunteer there in several areas. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she enjoys cooking the foods of her cajun heritage, and in large enough quantities to feed the neighborhood.

Mindfulness for the Busy Mom

     Mindfulness. I admit, at first hearing, it can sound an awful lot like a therapy buzzword. You might have read about it or maybe seen something pinned, complete with the picture of a woman...

Connecting with Your Teen :: The Importance of Building Rapport

With any client that I have in therapy, one of our most important tasks is to build rapport. Just imagine being in the client’s position -- you walk in to a total stranger’s office...

Mommy Can I Help? :: Sacrificing Efficiency for Teachable Moments

“Mommy can I help?” These are the words I hear from my three-year-old almost daily. As preschoolers, they always want to help. But “help” is a loose interpretation isn’t it? When a little person...

We Don’t Bring Friends on Vacation

One of the many joys of parenthood and family life for my husband and me is taking vacations. From the time that our first child was just an infant we have always tried to...

This is Us :: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Our Favorite TV Family

About a month ago, my husband asked, “Have you been hearing about this new show, This is Us?” I had heard of it on Facebook once or twice but I really didn’t know much...

Teaching my Children to Talk to Strangers

I encourage my children to talk to strangers. I realize that statement might sound a little strange, so let me explain. Stranger Danger For generations the standard parenting safety advice has been “Don’t talk to strangers.” In...

Social Media :: Women, We Need a Reality Check

Between blogging and trying to grow two small businesses, I spend a significant amount of time on social media. As a function of that, I participate in a few online communities where participants discuss social...

Happier Holidays :: A Therapist’s Guide to Managing Family Drama

Every January, my counseling practice experiences an increase in new clients and appointments. I’ve jokingly come to refer to January as “Holiday Rehab.” Of course, many people do choose January to start therapy as...

I Don’t Want to Talk About my Body with You

I’m not sure that there is a polite way to say this, but I don’t want to talk about my body with you. I understand that we’ve come to a point in our culture...