Jenny is originally from Kenner, LA, and considers herself a New Orleans girl at heart. She moved to Pineville in 2004 to attend college where she met her funny and always entertaining husband Brandon. Together they relocated to Baton Rouge almost 10 years ago and married in 2008. They added their joyful daughter Salem to the crew in April 2014, blue-eyed son Declan in July 2015, and baby Liesel in 2019 and now live in Zachary. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication/Journalism from LSU and has previously done some freelance writing. She now works full-time for the State of Louisiana. She and her family enjoy spending time together, making each other laugh and being a part of their church community. She loves wandering around Target, drinking coffee, watching HGTV, having people over and making any kind of craft.

Valentine’s Day Crafts With Kids

Happy Valentine's Day! This holiday, while usually associated with flowers and chocolate, doesn't have to be only for adults! Get your kids of any age involved in the fun by making love-inspired crafts, either to give as gifts or to enjoy themselves.  Paper Roll...

Why I Don’t Do Resolutions

It’s a new year, and the word “resolution” has resurfaced everywhere – in the news, on your Facebook feed, from your friends, even on your family goal list. We associate the word with a fresh...

The Choices We Make

This blog post is the second installment of a collaborative 5-part series entitled The Mother Within. Start at the beginning here. "Am I enough?"  "What's my purpose?" "Can I have it all?" Questions we may all ask ourselves at...

Mom Phrases on Repeat

  Do you ever feel like you're beginning to sound like your kid's favorite version of "The Wheels on the Bus" requested to play over and over and over again? I am quickly realizing that...

For the Love of Baton Rouge

A whole decade has passed and I can't help but reminisce. Ten years ago I moved to Baton Rouge and transferred to LSU halfway through my college career. Other than my brother, who was...

Unforeseen Gratitude

I remember it like it was yesterday - the call from the pediatrician informing me that she had referred us to Children's Hospital in New Orleans. When Salem was 9 months old, I noticed that she...

The Walker: The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

The pitter-patter of little feet - the phrase everyone uses when talking about having babies. While it refers to a major milestone, it's not one that happens for quite some time. So many others...

The Juggling Act {Working Mom Here}

tau·tol·o·gy - the saying of the same thing twice in different words, for example: working mom. When I was little, I remember always having the desire to be a mom. I thought about how many kids I would...

Pushing Through the Fog

Recently I've found myself feeling lost within a few minutes of driving. My route these days is not familiar, much like my life. The house where we are currently staying is in a different...