Megan Kelley


What’s With the Hype Around Pickleball?

Last month, my hubby and I decided to forego the traditional dinner date night for a morning date. We went to a coffee shop and to play pickleball. He had fun teaching me how...

Post-Partum Must Haves

Preparing for a new baby is a wonderful time whether you are a first-time mom or are anticipating the arrival of a sibling for your little one. I remember researching what items I should...

Podcasts that Will Rock Your World

I used to think podcasts were only for true crime fans. I listened to the Serial podcast about Adnan Syed years ago and haven't listened to a podcast since then. My hubby started listening...

Becoming “Selfish” to Restore Self-Worth

I listened to a podcast the other day that was talking about how women in their early thirties, married 5-7 years, fresh into motherhood, often lose their sense of self. They get so wrapped...

Navigating the NICU

My daughter spent 18 days in the NICU after she was born eight weeks early. This was new territory for me since my son was evicted at forty weeks three days. The experience made...