Megan Kelley


Grieving a Surprise Baby

I prayed tirelessly and tried for almost two years to get pregnant with my second child, my daughter, Camille. Imagine my surprise when those two pink lines appeared when she was only five months...

Five Minute Face: Makeup for Busy Moms

I love makeup! I love it so much that I used to blog about it. The ritual of putting it on relaxes me. Putting on a quick face of makeup has pulled me out...

School Rules for the Road: A Refresher on Louisiana School Transportation Laws

There is a lot of preparation that goes into starting a new school year. We buy our little ones school supplies, new uniforms, and lunch box goodies. Another great way to prepare is to...

Pumping is Breastfeeding Too

I breastfed my son for two months before I threw in the towel to a bad case of mastitis. My antibiotics upset his tummy and he slept through the night after a day of...

Let the Laundry Lie

I’m one of those moms that likes to maintain a tidy house. By no means am I saying it looks like a model home that no one lives in, but I do like to...