Melanie McHenry-Leblanc


Happy New Year :: What My Resolutions Look Like for 2023

It’s New Year's Resolution time! Normally, I would scoff at making resolutions. I mean I’m the same person in 2023 that I was in 2022 but now I see them a little differently. It’s not...

Nah, I’m Not Doing That

Nah, I’m not doing that and I’m okay with that. Sometimes I wonder if other people realize I’m human. It’s like I became a parent and (almost) everyone decided that I was superhuman. I am...

Pandora Party Time!!

I love humiliating myself to Pandora’s music. Pandora has some of the best music channels. Pandora is usually playing through one of our cars or in the house from the phone app. Music really sets...

Best YouTube Workouts

Exercising is so important to me. I feel happier and calmer after I exercise. But so is avoiding this heat. Normally, I would walk around my neighborhood or a park. It’s a great way...

For Our Little Botanists

For our Little Botanists There is something simply magical about growing your own plants. My two little botanists love seeing their plants rise out of the soil. Right now, we’re growing mint, strawberries, and greens. (We...