I’m Priscila. Originally from Dallas, Texas but was raised in Southeast Louisiana. I currently live in Denham Springs with my fiancé, son Noah (7) and daughter Violet (3). I also have a bonus child Bella (11). I am a stay at home mom till my youngest starts school. You’ll mostly find me in a carpool line, dance and karate with my little ones. I am a regular shopper at Costco and Target. I like to spend my weekends with my five sisters, usually trying out a new restaurant or with the whole family playing card games. If I’m not busy, I will most like likely be binge watching Law & Order SVU.

Setting a Family Boundary

Growing up, I was taught that family comes first, always! It wasn’t until I had my own family that I knew what that truly meant. I never knew how to truly love a person...

Learning Mom Moment :: Who Really is Santa?

Who really is Santa? Of course, besides the very obvious answer, it is us, parents. I simply ask because when I question my children, they answer with “It's an old white man with a white...