Stacy Wilson

Stacy is married to John, and mother to four girls, all ages 6 and under. They are a foster family and are passionate about serving children and families in need. Stacy has a Master's Degree in Education from LSU, but has chosen to take a break from teaching in the classroom to work part-time, while focusing on family.

What YouTube Taught My 3-Year-Old

My 3-year-old LOVES KidTube, the kid-friendly version of YouTube. In all honesty, she spends way more time on the iPad than I would like her to, but in these past few months, we have...

My Baby is Leaving

"Can I just keep you forever?" It's a question that I ask my 3-year-old often, and it's always followed by a sweet, "Of course you can! I'm your daughter!" But not this day. This typical, playful,...

Did She Really Just Say That to Me?!

My three-year-old is at the point where she is dropping her naps. I work from home, so nap times are the times when I get everything done! Lately, we have been spending more and...

When Strangers Get BOLD

  I truly believe that most people mean well, I really do. Unfortunately, too many people speak before they think. Today, a stranger at the grocery store (grocery stores make people BOLD, y'all!) was talking with...

Supporting Foster Families :: Practical Ways You Can Help

  Your friend is having a baby?! Yippee! Time to celebrate! Throw a baby shower, pin and share cute nursery decorations, set up the meal train! But what do you do when your friend decides...