Baton Rouge’s Best OB/GYNs, Birth and Postpartum Resources

Baton Rouge’s Best OB/GYNs, Birth and Postpartum Resources

Choosing an OB/GYN is a HUGE choice. Whether your priorities are personality, interpersonal skills, an openness to allow an intervention free birth or skills with a scalpel – choosing an OB/GYN is a very important choice to make. In Baton Rouge we are lucky to have a variety of amazing healthcare facilities and birth resources. It is our hope that this guide, and the reader recommendations at the end of this guide, will help you find a doctor that will meet or exceed your needs during one of the most exciting times in your life!

“Women, don’t ever apologize for your behavior or choices during birth. When you OWN your experience and take pride in your journey, you help other women do the same thing. No matter how you did it, you just brought a human being into the world! The world should be kneeling at your feet.” – Lauralyn Curtis

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Are you looking for honest and real recommendations from local moms in order to choose your OB/GYN? Join the Red Stick Moms Neighborhood Groups and ask any questions you may have or check out the reader recommended list (below) for local mom’s thoughts on the BEST Baton Rouge OB/GYNs.

Disclaimer: Medical decisions are extremely personal, and we encourage everyone to do their own research in choosing a doctor. Additionally, this list is in no way an endorsement of any type of provider nor any specific hospital. We copied the quotes verbatim from our Facebook page and are unable to verify accuracy of the providers’ personalities or their ability to perform specific procedures.

Dr. Charles Aycock

“He dealt with all my concerns. He has been the best doctor I have ever had. Also, you can tell he loves children and what he does. He was a blessing to have. If I have another child, I will definitely be using him again.”

Dr. Jill Bade

“Both pregnancies were higher risk (the second was a twin pregnancy), and her confidence and calm demeanor put my nerves at ease. We moved here when I was 30 weeks pregnant with our first, and there were OBs who wouldn’t take me because I was “too pregnant.” Dr. Bader not only took me on as a patient, but her care during my pregnancy was above and beyond what I had been receiving from my previous medical team. Without a doubt, she is a great resource for our community!”

Dr. Jo Anne Barrios

“She listened to me and saved me from having a c-section . She also did my tubal removal. It went perfectly and I had zero scars.”

“She truly listens, doesn’t rush and has the most gentle and calm personality.”

Dr. Allyson Boudreaux

“She is so down to earth it’s like having a friend through the journey!”

Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux

Love her! Very down to earth, makes you feel like you are her only patient. Highly recommend her.

“Dr. Boudreaux delivered my precious girl 10 years ago and was incredibly supportive when she realized I would need a C-Section. I wanted natural childbirth but at 36 weeks discovered she was breach. It wasn’t ideal but was ultimately the best thing for my delivery. To this day, she is always sweet and remembers so much about all the angels she delivers. Love her! Added bonus: the only other OBGYN I had ever seen helped assist. Dr Frank Breaux. He is also amazing.”

Dr. Randall Brown

“Dr Brown made sure I felt comfortable and confident in making life changing decisions regarding our daughter. He took his time answering all of my questions and never rushed me.”

Dr. Betsey Buchert

“I will move back to Baton Rouge if I ever have another baby. Dr Buchert is amazing!”

“Luckily I found Betsy Buchert and she was wonderful! I love her new practice and how easy it is to communicate with the office and get appointments.”

Dr. Kristin Chapman

Dr. Chapman at Woman’s was incredible for everything with all of my appointments. She is a very calming presence and made the whole experience a lot less scary – and being a first time mom that’s important! She is very sweet and definitely less intimidating than any OB/GYN I’ve ever had.

“She will definitely be your biggest advocate during what can sometimes be a confusing, scary, anxious but also very exciting time. And an advocate who also happens to be your doctor I think can be a rare find.”

Dr. Nicole Chauvin

Nicole Chauvin is amazing! She’s kind, patient, & understanding. She genuinely cares! I’ve never been nervous knowing she will take care of me and baby!

She makes you feel one hundred percent at ease. Her disposition is very calm and easy going. All the nurses love her and I trust what they say! I almost wish I was pregnant just so I could see her more.

“She ALWAYS has a smile on no matter what kind of day she is having. Her expertise doesn’t go unnoticed in the clinical field, and her bedside manner is incredible. She delivered both my babies, and I will forever be grateful for the care she has given me.”

Dr. Sarah Davis

“She knew I wanted to go natural so she let me try as long as I could and never pressured me for a c-section even though my baby was showing on the larger side. But after 36 hours when I spiked a fever she took amazing care of me and my son during our emergency c-section! And after he was born she made me feel like an amazing mom when I was having a rough time those first few weeks. I’d recommend her any day!”

Dr. Ryan Dickerson

“I cannot adequately put into words how wonderful he is. He really listened to me, answered all my questions, and ultimately let me make the decisions regarding my birth without any pressure from him. After a rather traumatic first birth experience, he was truly a God send for my second. I can not recommend him enough.”

“Dr. Ryan Dickerson is my OB/GYN and is a spectacular and patient doctor. I always feel so valued when I see him.”

“Ryan Dickerson is hands down the BEST OB/GYN in any region. Everything with him is perfect from bedside manner to medical skills. I could go on for days and days about how fantastic, caring, honest, and dedicated he is to every single patient.”

Dr. Sarah Drennan

“Dr. Drennan at Baton Rouge General provides the most personalized, friendly, loving experience with the knowledge to back it up. It’s a small birth center which is even better.”

Dr. Steven Feigley

“He has always been patient, kind and has an excellent way about him that puts you at ease. He takes time with you and answers all your questions thoroughly. His staff, particularly his in the room nurse Renee, are all wonderful as well. He also sees most of my family and we all have the same opinion!”

Dr. Angelique Goedeke

“She delivered my twins. She’s a compassionate OB and I love her. I had a hard time looking for a new OB after she moved to Texas. She’s the best OB I’ve ever had. Hands down.”

Dr. Kathy Guidry

“She is amazing and sweet and just knows her stuff!”

Dr. Renee Harris

“Dr Renee Harris delivered both of my kids. One via c-section and the other via V-BAC. She was my biggest cheerleader for my VBAC and did my c-section in record time with no issues! She’s always so calm and collected and has tons of experience!”

Dr. Wendy Holden-Parker

“Great lady, knowledgeable and kind. C-sections for both of my boys and I didn’t worry about a thing because she was there.”

“She is very straight forward but compassionate. Her nurses are equally as great! We love her!”

Dr. Shawn Kleinpeter

“The best! Had to have an ER C-section in the middle of the night because baby was breech. He was not on call but had written in my chart “if baby is breech call me” I was so scared and did not know the on call doctor. He came to the hospital, held my hand until my husband could come in the OR and THEN delivered my baby girl.”

“I had twins and he made sure I knew from the beginning that a high risk pregnancy meant I could call anytime.”

“Dr. Kleinpeter is the best!! He never rushes you and always makes you feel important. He has the best bedside manner. He helped me stick up for myself when I was being pushed into breastfeeding that was clearly not working for me or my baby.”

Dr. Ann Lafranca 

“Dr. Lafranca delivered our daughter and was simply amazing. But what really impressed me was the compassionate way she cared for and listened to our daughter’s birth mother. Dr Lafranca was gentle, understanding, thorough, and sensitive to the adoption plan. She made us feel like her only family and had the ability to explain over and over while also comforting those in the room. She was easy to trust. I cannot day enough good things about her!”

She has great beside manners, listened to my concerns and you can tell she enjoys what she does.”

Dr. Charles Lawler

“I recommend him to everyone. Wonderful person, wonderful doctor, and now a wonderful author.”

Dr. Julie Martin

“I love, love, love Dr. Julie Martin. She took great care of me, made me feel so comfortable, and set me at ease. No matter how scared I was, I felt so much better as soon as she walked in the room. She always took the time to listen to me and answer all of my questions, and I absolutely trusted her.”

“She wasn’t on call when I went into labor on a Saturday, but she changed her plans to be there for my daughter’s birth. She was with me from my first push to my last. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

Midwives at Birth Center of Baton Rouge

I love the midwives at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge. They delivered my last two babies in a wonderful, supported and peaceful setting. I wouldn’t want to have a baby anywhere else.”

“Wendy delivered my third son and it was the most amazing experience. She was with me every step of the way and always knew exactly what to do and say to get me through each and every challenge. She made me feel like I could accomplish anything, it was so empowering! I had the quickest recovery and my healthiest baby by far. Also I loved that the birth center didn’t just prepare you for the birth but also taught you life lessons like nutrition and baby care techniques. I am forever grateful for them.”

“I have 5 children, but my best delivery by far was my 5th. She was delivered at the Birth Center Of Baton Rouge. Sherri was the midwife in attendance, but all the midwives are wonderful. My biggest regret was not having this wonderful place to deliver my other babies. After our delivery my husband looked at me and said “ Man, I wish we could of had all our babies here! Why would anyone want to have a baby anywhere else? This has been amazing!”

“For the woman seeking an unmedicated, peaceful birth in a quiet, intimate setting, with the security of knowing you are in confident hands, the birth center is the best place, in my opinion.”

Midwives at Ochsner

“The midwives at Ochsner (especially Amy Linn, Bethanie, and Amanda), for helping me have a successful VBAC with my daughter.”

My first was delivered by Janet Floyd, Nurse Midwife at the Ochsner Birthing Center. She is amazing and wonderful with moms! She never pressured me about anything and let me feel as if I had options at every step of the way. She was sweet and attentive and supportive.”

Dr. Julius Mullins

“Before getting pregnant, he removed an ovarian cyst, gave my husband his cell phone number for him to call if we needed anything. He called me everyday for seven days until I told him I was all good.”

“He’s delivered my last 3 and was always so caring and understanding with me. I trust him 100%!”

Dr. Curtis Solar

“Dr. Curtis Solar is my OB and his wife Kay is my Gyno. Love them both to pieces, couldn’t be a nicer couple.”

Dr. Edward Swartzenberg

“He truly is the best. I had a C-section for my delivery and you wouldn’t even know it. There is barley a scar! He is smart and friendly.”

Dr. Terrie Thomas

“Dr. Terrie Thomas is both professional and very personable! 11 years and 2 deliveries later, I couldn’t ask for a better doctor! “

Dr. Sacha Wax

“She is awesome! She is a mom of 4 so she really understands the pregnancy beauty and struggle!”

Dr. Sunshine Willet

“Any patient of hers knows the Dr. Willett smile and wink that melts any new mom fears you have! She also had the best nurses ever.”

“Amazing doctor who listens to her patients and makes them feel important.”

“She always makes you feel like you’re her only patient, you never feel rushed, no question is silly, fantastic bedside manner, calming in scary situations, excellent medical knowledge, and you can tell she genuinely loves her job!”

Dr. Laurie Whitaker

“She had to deliver my little boy at 30 weeks and she was so reassuring and calm. Even with it being a stressful experience she made me feel so comfortable.”

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  1. Ms. Janet Floyd, a midwife at Oschner Baton Rouge was an absolutely wonderful resource to have throughout my pregnancy. She has a wonderful spirit, and decades of experience. She is truly one of a kind and anyone would be blessed to have her as their provider during the rollercoaster that is pregnancy.


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