Birthday Cakes: Why I Go Homemade

Previously, I mentioned that I like to go all out on birthdays.  Well, along those same lines, that includes making a homemade birthday cake for each of my boys.  I’ve made it my mission to continue this tradition for as long as they’ll let me and think it’s still cool for mom to make their cakes.

It all started a couple of years before I had kids.  I was looking for something to do in my free time.  (Yeah, I know…remember those days?)  So, I began looking into leisure classes at LSU and found several on Cake Decorating.  It was a perfect fit for me because I already had a love for baking.  This would at the very least help me in my presentation of baked goods.  Little did I know at the time, that this would one day become a pretty significant hobby of mine and one of my favorite traditions for my kids.

Enter my son’s first birthday.  I began planning his party from the time he was 6 months old and knew I wanted the cake to stand out.  We were doing a Baby Einstein theme and wanted to have a smash cake to go along with it.  As I brainstormed all possibilities, I began to list off the characters in my head while considering my skill level at the time. I settled on a caterpillar cake made of several smaller cakes in various colors.

Trace bday 029

The cake was a huge hit and became the star of the show, second only to the birthday boy himself.  It was then I decided that I would continue this tradition for many years to come.  Since then, I’ve made several cakes that I’m pretty fond of.  What makes it extra sweet is that my kids can remember which birthdays are which by remembering what cake they had in years past.

June 09 209

June 2010 187



What I love about making my boys’ cakes is that it’s so easy for me to pour my heart into.  It’s something I love doing combined with doing something for someone I truly love, which makes the process so much more satisfying.  While, I have been known to get stressed out at times creating what I want to be perfection.  (Just ask the hubs, he’s been yelled at a time or two for coming into the kitchen at precisely the wrong moment.) It’s all worth it end the end to see my kids’ faces light up with sheer joy when they see their cake for the first time and when they make their big birthday wish!  There’s really nothing better to me than those moments.

Have you considered making your kid’s birthday cakes?  I highly recommend you give it a try!

Ashley is a mom of two smart, handsome little boys, Trace (age 7) and Fisher (age 4). She was born and raised in Grand Isle, LA, where she and her hubs began dating way back in high school. They moved to Baton Rouge in the late 90’s to go to LSU (GEAUX Tigers!) They fell in love with this city and have lived here ever since. Learn more about Ashley and her family at her personal blog: Ashley’s passions include loving and serving her family and community, party planning, baking, cake decorating, reality TV, trying new restaurants, finding fun things to do around town, and above all, loving Jesus. She also likes to partake in some good retail therapy and loves the thrill of a great deal! Becoming a mom has been the highlight of her career and she loves getting to know other moms and talking “Mommy Talk” any chance that she gets.


  1. Your cakes are amazing, Ash. I admire your dedication and talent, and I’m sure yours taste better than store bought, too! Do you hire out for birthdays?? 🙂

    • Thanks, Emily! I used to do more, but cakes have sort of taken a back seat since the blog. 😉 However, in the fall I’ll have more time on my hands with both boys in school, so we’ll see…


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