Do you remember when you were in middle school and, like, the best thing ever was to be invited to another girl's house for a sleepover?  I used to LIVE for these nights.  There was just something so great and exhilarating about being in a room with six or seven of my closest pals, eating foods that were never allowed any other day of the week, telling our deepest secrets, and laughing until our stomachs hurt.  Girls nights were, to put it simply, just fun! I crave nights like this, but without the Truth or Dare and the mean pranks.  If you are looking to have a night of fun with all of your favorite girlfriends, why not think like...

Organizing 101

“Good moms have dirty ovens and sticky floors.” I’ve heard this quote before and it never sat quite right with me. I think the idea that moms should set housework aside for the more important work of enjoying and raising your children is a fine notion and reminds us that children grow up quickly while we’re busy with other things. However, I also don’t think the homes where we raise our children need to be left to turn into chaos during these important years with our kids. In fact, an organized home is a great gift to yourself as well as your children. Being organized and having an organized home does not have to mean you are a perfectionist who ignores...
It's a common refrain in the age of Pinterest: women, especially moms, are expected to do it all. A great career, smart and happy kids, spotless and stylish house, crafts galore, rocking body, perfect marriage, etc. This kind of thing has always been perpetuated in magazines but I think it's harder to ignore on the internet because behind all those blog posts and genius pins are real women and if I can do it then you should be able to do it too, right? In fact if you're not churning out five blog posts a week about your adorable family and all your crafty projects and the gourmet dinner you cooked for your über-successful husband last night you might...

‘Round the Table

Oven dinging, glasses clinging, and guests arriving are just a few sounds which make my heart flutter. I thought I'd share a book I have thoroughly enjoyed that has encouraged me to connect with others around the dinner table: Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. My hubs gave me this book along with a bottle of wine and some new wine glasses for Christmas this year. It has truly been a book I've carried around the house from room to room perusing through the pages filled with relatable stories and recipes. Niequist writes with a... move those clothes over and sit on the couch for a while sense of transparency. The book extends an invitation for us to open our...
Sadly, not everyone has the funds to get a sitter often, even on Valentine's Day, and usually less people have the opportunity to call family members to come babysit while you and your spouse venture out into a night on the town.  But that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate with your love! Valentine's Day snuck up on Joel and I last year, and instead of getting down about not getting a babysitter and planning some romantic adventure, we just went with it.  So this got me thinking that many of you probably don't have any grand plans for the big heart day either (but if you do, then yay! ) - but for those of you who don't, let's...

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