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health + wellness in Baton RougeAsk any Baton Rouge mom what she wants for her children, and health + wellness will be one of her first responses. Whether it’s the mental health of her teenagers, how much screen time to allow her toddlers or struggling with breastfeeding, moms simply want the best outcome for their children’s overall health.

Red Stick Mom provides local families with the latest resources, perspectives and expert advice about the important choices affecting the health + wellness of your Baton Rouge family.

Parents already have a lot of decisions to make! Finding consistent and reliable resources for raising a family in Baton Rouge shouldn’t be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the family’s health + wellness. There are so many issues to consider for kids these days, from children’s mental well-being to food dyes and whether those matter to vaccines and when to get them. And that’s not even taking mom and dad’s health into account!

Enduring a long NICU stay? We’ve been there. Looking for a great urgent care for children in Baton Rouge? Red Stick Mom has suggestions. We’ve talked about taking mental health days for kids, how to battle pesky molluscum, and arthritis in children. These are just a few of the health + wellness questions we’ve addressed on Red Stick Mom over the nine years we’ve served the community.

We’ve covered many different aspects of health + wellness over the years, from a scary breast cancer diagnosis to the benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy to miscarriages and pregnancy loss. Whether we’re discussing birth or adolescence, Red Stick Mom strives to provide relevant health + wellness content for Baton Rouge families in a timely fashion. Best of all, every resource on Red Stick Mom is free to readers.

With the help of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms, Red Stick Mom makes it easy to locate important and accurate health + wellness information for busy families.

I listened to a podcast the other day that was talking about how women in their early thirties, married 5-7 years, fresh into motherhood, often lose their sense of self. They get so wrapped up in caring for others that their sense of identity slowly disappears. I thought a lot about this sentiment and how postpartum depression and the time in between my first born and having my second baby was so emotional. I did not take care of myself. I did not do things I love that bring me joy. I had little sense of self-worth. Now, I’m finding myself again and it has made me a happier woman, a better mom, and in the most blissful state of...
Throughout my career as a therapist, I have uncovered a couple of topics that always come up in sessions. Self-care ranks in the top three, easily. Self-care is the intentional choice to do something for yourself to preserve yourself. Self-care is restorative and mandatory if you are going to thrive. Often my clients ask, what are some examples of self-care? Well, since you asked, here are 101 ideas for self-care. Watch a sunset. Take ten deep breaths (on purpose). Attend a yoga class. Take a bubble bath. Listen to your favorite music. Take a Walk. Work out. Go paddle boarding. Bake a treat. Spend a few minutes on the swing.                                  Do a...
What is a Default Parent? If you have to think about who the default parent is in your household, chances are it's not you. You'd know. I am the default parent in my home. It is clear as day and I may as well have it tattooed to my forehead. I am the parent that is in charge of the emotional, logistical and physical needs of my children. I am the manager of anything that requires an appointment. I am the meal planner, extracurricular coordinator, and CEO of the family calendar. Truthfully the list is never-ending. All. Day. Every. Day. I handle the needs of all 4 children: school schedules, orientations, open house, school uniforms, dentist, doctor, birthdays, haircuts, and rotations...
In 2022, we’re all aware of the need for self-care. Whether it be a corporate office pretending to give a crap by extending lunch breaks or a spouse that feels they exemplified selflessness by “letting” a mom shower in peace, there’s a lot of pretending out there when it comes to self-care. Self-care in Motherhood It shouldn’t even be such a buzzword in motherhood because the idea around self-care when you’re a mom is to simply take tiny bits of time to “recharge,” just to go back to motherhood. When will society accept moms are people, too? The thing is, while there’s a ton of support around taking care of yourself, even as a mom *gasp*, there’s a lot of judgment in the...
It is no secret that moms tend to put their needs last. I'm here to tell you that taking care of yourself will make you the best mom and partner. Exercising gives me the little extra push I need for the evening time and it gives me something to look forward to during the day. Here are some tips to help you make exercising a normal part of your daily routine! 1. Find a time that works for you and make it a priority. I am not a morning person. I am a stay-at-home mom for my three boys ages 6, 4, and 3. My time to workout will probably not look like yours. I have a gym membership and do group...

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