Some misguided souls assume that women do not like football.  While that may be true for some women of course, many of us live for the blessed season.  Dare I say especially in the South?  We are raised down here to love the game and integrate it into our families, our lives.  Football season for us is more than tolerating our husbands’ football demands. For us, football season is a long awaited and treasured part of the year that brings us lots of joy and some pain.  Here are 10 things that all of us rabid football lovin’ mamas understand. We Arrange Our Social Calendar Around Football Schedules. Ladies, you know this is true. If we are planning an event,...
If you're like me, you're always looking for fun things to do with the whole family.  LSU Gymnastics may just be the perfect match for you. What kid doesn't love watching gymnasts tumbling and performing? Most of us only see gymnastics during the Olympics.  But, you have the opportunity to see some extremely talented and athletic gymnasts right here in Baton Rouge! Coach D-D Breaux says, It’s fun because it’s a family event in a time frame that is manageable with children. It’s a fan-friendly environment, and the student-athletes themselves are very fan conscious, play to the crowd and really enjoy having a family crowd there. Another prong that makes this a special event in our community is the fact it...
My husband and I have always strived to teach our children to love and live the local culture. In Baton Rouge, that means tailgating. Both of my children were around six months old for their first tailgates, and as soon as my daughter could express herself she started referring to many fall Saturdays as "LSU all day day." I wouldn't want it any other way. Some people think tailgating is only for crazy college kids, established companies and/or those lucky enough to have an RV in Touchdown Village. That is just not true. I am here to tell you that tailgating with a family is possible and, quite honestly, pretty fun. Like so many other events pre and post parenthood,...

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