My parents would have been married for 35 years this month, had they not divorced when I was a teenager 20 years ago. Somehow, very briefly, it came up in a very general conversation with a close friend recently,...
  Josiah is my SON ... he is my Bonus Son. But he is NOT my Stepson. Many of you may not know that I did not give birth to my “first born” Josiah. That, however, won’t stop me from swapping...
I recently read that 50% of America's children will see their parents divorce.  That one statement hit me like a ton of bricks, but sadly I can relate.  I was raised in a divorced home, and now my dear...

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Did You Know? :: Baton Rouge has Community Fridges

Here in Baton Rouge, we now have two of our own Community Fridges! When I learned that we had a mutual aid fridge in...

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