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Being a great mother isn’t just about putting the kids first. It is also about pursuing your career if desired, finding free time for pursuing your own hobbies (even if that’s a workout corner at home) and fostering an environment where everyone is comfortable. Of course, it can admittedly be challenging to find time for marriage amidst motherhood, but at Red Stick Mom we aren’t afraid to discuss healthy relationships, divorce, dating and even your sex life. Whether your children were conceived naturally, became a part of your family through adoption or were welcomed after miraculous IVF, it can be hard to stay patient with the kids and our partners at the same time.

At Red Stick Mom, our team of 25+ local Baton Rouge mom writers have a ton to discuss with regards to marriage and relationships, as we all know that good relationships take intention, hard work and many times a healthy dose of therapy.

Keeping your marriage and relationships healthy and fun can be extremely hard, but at Red Stick Mom, we also believe that it is 100% possible with a little bit of effort and a great (and honest) mom community around you. Whether it’s a fun night hanging out at home, or getting out of the house to enjoy one of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge, we understand that sometimes you just need a nudge to enjoy time with your partner.

We’ve got ideas on how to keep a strong circle of friends and family, whether it’s ways to bring new people into your life or how to keep toxic people out of your life. We’ve also got thoughts on how to find time for marriage and relationships while maintaining a tough schedule

The women at Red Stick Mom are Baton Rouge moms who understand the pressure of raising kids while also trying to make marriage work! They are willing to share everything from the book that will change your sex life, to what it’s like to raise kids as a single mom, to navigating grief amidst your marriage and motherhood.  

Being a Newlywed (Again)

A year and a half ago my husband and I got married so I suppose you could say, technically we’re still in the “newlywed” stage. But given our circumstances, this stage has certainly been accelerated. This is because both my husband and I have been married (not to each other) and divorced before. We met at work and after a few years we decided to get married over boudin balls and streetcars. No fancy proposal and not even a ring, and I wanted it that way. When I told family and friends we were going to get married I don’t think they even believed me. We jetted off about 6 months later to San Francisco and eloped at City Hall....
While 2016 wasn't without some challenges, we are looking forward to a bright future in 2017 with Red Stick Moms Blog! We truly appreciate each and every one of you and the community we’ve built together. Over the course of 2016, in addition to launching our community neighborhood groups, Red Stick Moms Blog had over 760,000 page views, reached 470,000+ unique readers and hosted six successful events. To cap off 2016, we wanted to share our 10 most popular blog posts from the past year. They are stories of faith, humor, loss, marriage, motherhood and so much more. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did.  Top 10 Blog Posts on Red Stick Moms Blog in 2016 1. 10 Things NOT to Say to...
When we started this journey way back when, I knew that with your rough and tough background there would be some expectations to raise our boys the same. I just knew they wouldn't be allowed to cry or that fighting would be the only way to resolve anything. I had already set myself up for the fight in our parenting differences. But I was wrong. So wrong. You see, it took me a while but eventually all surfaced how wrong I truly was.  You, a seemingly Southern man's man with your callus hands and caveman-like work ethic, don't "match" the boys we are raising. To society, boys like yours should be the biggest and the best of them all; they should want to excel in...
I have never been married. I have parented solo for over two years now, and a silver lining is that I know no differently. I have no clue what it’s like to have someone at the house even some of the time to assist with kid, chores, life, clogged sinks. And last week as I looked longingly at anniversary trip photos and received another invite to a daytime thing I can’t attend because of work, I had a deep desire to be married … but for all of the wrong reasons. Here they are, in no particular order: I want to be able to run errands after my son is asleep. He goes to bed at 7pm. Which.Is.Awesome. But that...
When it comes to presidential elections, I think it's safe to say that we have never seen anything quite like the one we're currently experiencing, at least in modern times. Reporters are writing stories on the anxiety and fear that Americans are experiencing as the election draws near. Add social media to the mix where people can post, share and comment however they so choose behind their computer screen, and it's no wonder we're all at least a little anxious and fearful.    Social media is one thing. I can keep scrolling. I can remove myself if I choose to (and I do). But what if there is political discord at home?  My husband and I are basically on the same page on...

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