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As Baton Rouge moms, we know what it takes to keep a household running, and we understand that motherhood is hard. There’s always a ton to do and never enough time to get everything done! Sometimes us moms need a quick fix or advice from other moms on how to save time. Just like you, Red Stick Mom writers are always open to a more efficient way to handle things and willingly share their best mom hacks, tips and tricks when they find them.

Here at Red Stick Mom, we offer dozens of ideas from diverse perspectives in our mom hacks, tips and tricks category. From taking road trips from Baton Rouge to meatless meals to natural cold remedies, we’ve written about it. 

Curious how to freshen up your skin routine? We suggest you try slugging. Looking for a faster way to fix your hair? Try the lazy mom’s guide to hair. Wondering if there’s a better way to cook bacon? Try this mom hack for cooking the best bacon ever and thank us later. What’s motherhood without perfecting your bacon, are we right? That’s the kind of content our Mom hacks, tips and tricks section highlights. 

That said, not all of Red Stick Mom’s mom hacks, tips and tricks are about fixing food or mom’s self care. Maybe you are looking for a better way to store your family’s precious photo memories. Have you ever wondered what to do with the cupcakes that your kids inevitably didn’t finish? You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried “recycle cake.” We even get intimate with other topics like why every mom should try period panties and the value of a nursing cart when there’s a newborn in your home.

Our writing team of 25+ local Baton Rouge moms really work hard to ensure that local parents benefit from our tried and true mom hacks, tips and tricks. Our goal is to make living in Baton Rouge with kids – and motherhood overall – easier and more fun, and we’re here to share what we know! 

Do It Scared

Picture, it Sicily … Just kidding, but if Sophia Petrillo is not your role model, you’re doing life incorrectly. Ok.   Picture it, south Louisiana May 2016. I was scheduled to compete in my first Jiu Jitsu competition. I know you’re thinking, "wow, what could possibly go wrong with this story?" After training Jiu Jitsu for approximately two weeks (you read that correctly), I decided it was the appropriate time to sign up for a competition. If you’re not familiar with Jiu jitsu, it’s a grappling martial art similar to wrestling. Having no background in martial arts, wrestling, or sports, this seemed like a great idea. *This is the part in the story where I tell you that I’m extremely sarcastic and dry. If...
Wow! What a game! I had to run errands in the early afternoon, so color me surprised when I walked in the house to find LSU ahead at the start of the second quarter. My superfan husband, Matt began talking fast with a high-pitched voice and attempting to carry an impossible number of grocery bags into the house during the commercial break. I “offered” to help, but I was having too much fun watching him try to bring in three pumpkins, an insulated freezer tote, and a dozen eggs at one time to actually follow through. The majority of the second quarter consisted of me unloading groceries while my kids asked me no less than 100 times when we...
So you're expecting a baby? Congratulations! I'm sure you've already been told all the advice the world has to offer on diapers, feeding, and sleep habits so this guide will skip over all of that and move to the more important stuff that people tend to skip. This is more long-lasting tips so that you can take your parenting level to expert before your baby even comes. Enjoy!  First step: Vocabulary Stop introducing yourself by your first name. It no longer exists. From here on out, you are somebody's mom. Go ahead and start practicing! Replace the phrase "going to the restroom"  with "going potty." You will, in fact, find yourself telling another adult that you need "to go potty"...
I didn’t miscarry my baby. I felt her die inside of me. I felt every contraction for days. I cried & begged & pleaded for life. I didn’t lose my baby. I was painfully aware of that life bleeding out of my body. She’s not lost, I’ll never forget her.  It’s been three years and I’m still plagued with thoughts who she would have been. I still cry over never getting to see her face or feel her move. Despite my doctor’s kind reassurance, I still fall into the black hole of “what if it *was* something I did.” Even when we did get pregnant again, I spent nine months holding my breath. I lied about date of my last period because I...
The hardest thing for this type A, perfectionist to say is "I am not perfect." Growing up in a chaotic childhood, including my parents' divorce when I was 6-7 years old, only pushed that drive within to find a way to be perfect. I have always felt the need to strive for perfection, whether it be academically or in extracurricular activities. I had to be perfect. Now many years (many, many years) later, I am finally taking a stand and choosing not to be perfect. Bless her heart. Being from the South does not help with that tendency to want to be viewed as having the perfect life with the perfect family. That famous phrase "Aww, bless her heart!' is one...

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