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I’m easily overwhelmed.  So, it’s no surprise that the holidays make me a little frazzled.  In fact, I often find myself dreading them instead of feeling the holiday spirit.  There’s something about having a baby that makes family even more desperate to see you, and that can mean a lot of pressure and stress.  When Etta Mae was born, I decided that it was very important to establish traditions to make sure that our immediate family found a way to connect at Christmastime. One tradition that we have started is stolen from my own childhood.  No matter what else we had going on for the holidays, Christmas day was always spent at home with just my parents and brother.  Etta...
I'm sorry to say that this post doesn’t have any magic tricks or super tips that will coax your child into dreamland, but I am here to say that you WILL get through the rough patches and your baby WILL eventually nap or sleep. You are tired, drained, defeated, and sleep-deprived.  I was there—for 13 solid months. Despite all the encouraging advice from my friends with sleeping babies, Judah just did not want to nap.  The ONLY thing that seemed to put him to sleep during the day was the car (or nursing), but the problem with that was I was still attached.  There were no dishes I could clean from the car or clothes I could fold.  I was...
Growing up, I wanted four children.  Two boys, one girl, then another boy.  I distinctly remember the day I changed my mind.  I was in college and working as a cashier at Lowe’s.  A woman with four young kids came through my line.  The baby was crying.  The other three were either whining or running around causing chaos. That mom didn’t have enough hands. The thoughts running through my head were, “Why can’t this woman control her kids? When I’m a mom, my kids will NOT act this way in public!” Fast-forward a few (okay, more than a few) years to today.  I’m in Target begging my fifteen month old to sit down in the front of the cart.  She’s...

Our First Baby Care Class

My husband, Bill, and I recently took a baby care class at Woman’s Hospital. The official name for the class is “After Baby Comes (ABC): Baby Care and Parent Care. I’m now about two months from my due date, and with the holidays on the horizon we elected to go ahead and take the class in October. A word about our prior “experience” with babies: I’m a typical gal who loves to hold babies and who did her fair share of baby-sitting growing up. I also have seven younger cousins; so for the majority of my childhood, there was at least one baby hanging around. But I’ll admit that I've probably changed one diaper in the past five years and...
This post is a part of our Red Stick Moms Blog CONNECTS series for the 2013 Holiday Season.  This post is all about CONNECTing with your favorite person. Read more about our CONNECT series here. Not to be confused with Play Dates, “Day Dates” don’t actually involve kids at all.  They are what we grown ups like to refer to as “QT” or quality time together.  Recently, my hubs and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and after 6+ years with kids, our quality time together is few and far between.  Why? Because at the end of the day we are just spent.  After a long day of work, followed by homework, meals, bath, & bedtime, we love nothing more than...

Putting Down the iPhone

A few days ago, I was nursing my son, Judah, while browsing online—then all of a sudden, he slowly put his hand to my cheek and moved my face towards him.  I was smack dab staring into my sweet boy’s eyes, and quickly realized that I was missing out on a moment that is fleeting—a moment that I fought so hard for 17 months ago. In my head I know I should cherish every ounce of time with Judah and Joel because I’m not guaranteed any of it.  So why do I dive deep into my phone at the first moment of silence and allow a device notorious for wasting time to hijack a nursing session with my son or...
My husband and I suffered with infertility for over 4 years. It was a time consumed with numerous doctor visits, injections, blood work, and procedures. It was a time full of worry and anxiety. It was a time of hope and then disappointment. It was a time in which every possible emotion came to be. It was a time in which we felt so alone. It was a time in which our faith was challenged, and a time in which we stopped living. Our entire existence became defined by this one thing. Then the time came to let go of our dream of becoming pregnant. We had to accept that this season of infertility would not end. We stopped the...
Last week's post generated a great deal of feedback, which is so great.  I think that it's important for us as moms to dialogue about this topic as much as possible, so we can begin to be more aware of and sensitive of others. So, how can we remain passionate about our decisions while offering support to other moms with differing views? This is the part that is tricky.  For example, I am sure that the well-meaning mother I met at the park has researched natural birth in-depth, and she probably can explain to me why natural birth is BETTER.  And because her knowledge of that is so deep, she felt compelled to educate me.  But here is the problem with...

I Am NOT My Bad Days

I am currently reading a book called Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. It is real-life dialog between two women of different seasons. One is a mom of young children "desperate" to breathe. The other is a mom of adult children finally seeing the "fruits of her labor." One line in the book really spoke to me. Sarah Mae says, "I can only offer what has helped me: making a very conscious choice to be in the Word, eating the bread of life every day, and recognizing that I am not my bad days." As a mom of two young children, I often struggle with the idea that I am failing them. If I lose my temper, don't feed...

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