Disclaimer: This is not a "poor me" post; I've CHOSEN a more positive life. At 12, it's typical to start rebelling against your mother. At 18, it's typical to ignore all the advice your mother gives you about college choices. At 25ish, it's typical to START believing that your mother might actually know what she is talking about. At 30ish, it's typical to admit you enjoy your mother's company and ask for advice, help and opinions about raising kids. Eventually, becoming best friends. But what do you when those typical moments are denied to you because your mother chose suicide over her family. (That was probably the hardest thing I've ever written down on paper.) I never got to go to a mother/daughter brunch. I...

Road Tripping with Tots

When you move over 500 miles from your friends and family, you’re forced learn a few things about road trips.  I don’t know anyone who gets excited about traveling with babies and kids, but these tips will make it a little less dreadful. Safety First Make sure that your vehicle is up to date on required maintenance, has proper fluid levels, and air pressure in the tires. Double-check the installation of all car seats and boosters. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly! If you have any question about whether you have a proper installation, visit a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  There are a few in the Baton Rouge...

Decisions. Decisions.

I am the worst about making decisions, especially when my decisions directly affect my family. What's for dinner? Dessert? Decision overload. Do I want peanut butter balls or pecan pie? Ah! Both. No, seriously I always have both. That brings me to today. Do I stop breast feeding or not? Making the decision to breast feed and work was something I knew would have a limited time frame. Working and pumping are not always ideal, so I set a goal for myself: Make it to Christmas. I reached that goal with flying colors and a happy baby to boot (even through RSV and her first major growth spurt). Then... month four. My perfect little sleeper let everyone know she was working on...
Homeschooling. I just lost about half of the readers with this one word, but I'm here to clear the air about a few things: A) I am not more awesome than the "average" mom. B) My kids are not better behaved than the "average" kid. C) I am not more financially stable than the "average" family. D) I have not always wanted to homeschool my children and am attempting to fulfill some lifelong dream. Homeschooling comes shrouded in myths and misconceptions. The greatest misconception I want to bring to light is this: There are a "select few" moms who are more patient, more loving, more creative, whose kids listen better, who have fat bank accounts and have no need to...
We are back this month with another Heart & Home! I know you will love it!   Today we have the privilege of being welcomed into the home of Madeline Ellis, mother of two and jewelry designer of mimosa by m.e. Madeline is the kind of person who is your instant best friend.  She will graciously invite you in for a cup of coffee, and you'll chat about all things "mom" as you adore her vintage treasures, clean style, and attention to detail.  Her home is more than just kid-freindly: each toy and piece of art seems carefully chosen to create a beautiful, ready-to-play space. As a mom, she is warm, down-to-earth, and dedicated to her passions.  Please enjoy this look...

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