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Louisiana is a popular tourist destination, and Baton Rouge welcomes thousands of visitors a year as a college town. We are often asked “is Baton Rouge kid friendly,” and “what should I do if I travel to Baton Rouge with kids?” The good news is that we have tons of resources for those who travel to Baton Rouge with their family in tow, like the ultimate guide to summer in Baton Rouge and this guide to visiting Baton Rouge with kids. Let Red Stick Mom offer you our tried and true family travel tips, recommendations, and ideas … both for families coming to Baton Rouge and those wanting to get away!

Our Baton Rouge mom writers have been all over the world and are here to recommend easy weekend trips, as well as more extensive vacations to places as unique as Utah! We love sharing family travel tips with Baton Rouge families because we know that it can be overwhelming to plan even a weekend getaway with kids.

Taking the kids to Disney? Here’s what to expect. Maybe you want to travel to Orlando and skip Disney. We share tips for how to do that, too. Or maybe you love Disney and want to take a Disney cruise. Red Stick Mom has been there, done that. Looking for creative road trip ideas from Baton Rouge? We have several family-friendly short distance vacations that are drivable with kids from Baton Rouge.

At Red Stick Mom, we don’t just tell you where to go on vacation but also how to get there and what to expect. We’re not just talking about where to go, we also look at how to get there. Whether you need mom hacks for road trips with kids or advice for flying with a baby, we have you covered.

Some of the most interesting family travel tips are the ideas that Baton Rouge moms have put together for easy road trips nearby. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast or hiking Tunica Hills, we are all about locations that are close to Baton Rouge and won’t break the bank. After all, sometimes the family travel tips we need the most are those ideas that are simple and budget-friendly. 

No matter where your Baton Rouge family decides to vacation next or how long you intend to stay, Red Stick Mom prides itself on sharing digestible and useful family travel tips to make planning your next getaway easy and stress-free!

Disclosure :: Omni Hotels and Resorts sponsored this post and giveaway. Omni Dallas Hotel: Sister Site Conference 2015 This past October, Red Stick Moms Blog was so excited to join forces with our 50+ sister sites who are all part of City Moms Blog Network for our annual Sister Site Conference 2015 at the gorgeous Omni Dallas Hotel. It had been revealed that Dallas, Texas would be our destination for our gathering. It was the absolute icing on the cake to find out that we were being hosted at the fabulous Omni Dallas Hotel in the heart of downtown Dallas. From the moment we stepped foot onto the property, we were treated with exceptional service from everyone. When you enter, you immediately...
Baby's First Plane Trip {Tips on Traveling with a Toddler} My son is active. I think he was born wanting to walk, and I firmly believe he was a difficult baby simply because he was frustrated that he couldn't get anywhere on his own. As soon as he got the hang of the walking/running/climbing thing he's been a different child. He finally sleeps at night, he entertains himself, usually by running or climbing, and he is just all together MUCH happier than he ever was as a baby. When the opportunity came for us to go visit my sister in New York I was both excited and terrified by the prospect. My level of worry was in direct correlation to his...
We are in a very long process of remodeling our house, so sticking to our budget is very important. A Disney vacation with the kids was not in the budget. Even a weekend trip to the beach was not in the budget. But momma needed a vacation to end the summer! I just wanted some time devoted to having fun with my family. So Baton Rouge here we come! My hubby took a few days off work so he could join us. Day 1: Our first day began at the movies. I took the kids to the $1 movie to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Cute, cute movie for all ages. We had a picnic by the fountain and visited Barnes...
So, it’s the summer, and you want a new book to read.  Maybe you’re headed to the beach and you are imagining some quality reading time in between watching the kids and building sandcastles.  Maybe you are wanting a new literary journey during naptime.  Maybe you’re nursing at midnight and three in the morning and want a dreamy escape. Or maybe, you’re like me, and you squeeze in a little reading while the kids are wrestling with a movie on in the background.  (Please tell me some of you do that!)  If any of the above apply to you, perhaps I can help you out.  I have some suggestions for you to consider.  A little nonfiction, a little fiction,...
-       “So, what will it take?” -       “I don’t know.” -       “Okay. How about this? What if you got one for free? What if someone just gave you one?” -       “That’s easy. I’d sell it and get something else.” -       “What if you couldn’t sell it? What if those were the terms? What if you HAD to drive it?” -       “Then, no. Just…NO.” We were youngsters just getting our start out together when we were offered a used minivan from one of my husband’s relatives at a nice price (next to nothing). They were upgrading and we were offered the benefit, but I couldn’t do it. I think I may have even involuntarily made a *face* when we talked about it. My reaction was visceral....

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