When ‘Everyone is Watching’ Means No One Truly Is: How to Be Safe Around Pools this Summer

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When ‘Everyone is Watching’ Means No One Truly Is: How to Be Safe Around Pools this Summer

It’s important to remember that even the best swimmer who aced her lessons and seems responsible in the water is not safe in a pool without an adult who is dedicated to watching her at all times.

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. And when something goes wrong, seconds are precious and every decision counts.  

Everyone loves pool parties and casual afternoons at the pool but one thing that also takes place in these settings is a form of groupthink in which all the adults assume that because they are standing around the pool—perhaps with food and drinks in hand—that someone at some point always has an eye on the children in the water. Don’t make that assumption! Have a designated “Water Watcher” at all times. Discuss and decide who will be on duty. Take turns focusing on the water, watching quietly and intently or even engaging with the kids so they know an adult is watching. Have fun with it, but take it seriously. Because it is.

About 4,000 families in the U.S. will lose someone to a drowning incident this year. Drowning is the second leading cause of injury-related death among children under the age of 15 and the leading cause for children age 1-4. More than 80% of the drownings occur in residential pools or spas.

Drowning can occur in any number of ways, but the keys to remaining safe in the water are the same:

  • Make sure the designated “Water Watcher” knows how to swim.
  • The “Water Watcher” must have uninterrupted visual supervision of children in and around water at all times.
  • Adults should set up barriers around any water or safety hazards. The threat of drowning can exist in as little as 1 inch of water.
  • Learning CPR is a valuable tool in assisting with life saving procedures in the case of an emergency.

Crawfish Aquatics and Crawfish Swim School are committed to increasing water safety and education in our community. From swim lessons- including adults!- to developmental swimming programs to CPR classes, we offer a variety of programs.  

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