LIPP Study with Pennington Biomedical

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LIPP Study with Pennington Biomedical

If you’re pregnant or have had children, you have likely “heard it all” when it comes to health advice. Researchers have been working to shed light on maternal wellness for years. “We now know a lot more about how expecting moms can take care of themselves and their unborn child compared to past generations,” said Dr. Melissa Erickson PhD an exercise physiologist at Pennington Biomedical. A healthy lifestyle, including eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise, supports healthy weight gain during pregnancy. It may also help reduce the risk for health and delivery complications and might even speed-up the first stage of labor. “We don’t know much about what can be done before a mom is pregnant to improve her health and the health of her future baby, but it is on our radar!” Erickson shared about initiatives underway at Pennington Biomedical.

The Lifestyle Intervention in Preparation for Pregnancy (LIPP) study is exploring how lifestyle interventions before pregnancy might improve the health of the baby. According to Dr. John Kirwan PhD, one of the lead researchers on the LIPP study, the answer to better health during pregnancy and a healthy baby may start before ever becoming pregnant. “Our work in this area has lead us to believe that achieving a healthy body weight by way of good nutrition and exercise could be better for mom and baby than attempting this once pregnant.” explained Kirwan, and he added, “We hope this study sheds light on questions we have about how adopting a healthy lifestyle early on might make for a healthier baby.”

The researchers’ work in this area inspired the LIPP study to take a look at how a diet and exercise program before a mom gets pregnant might improve the health of her baby. All research participants receive resources to promote a healthy lifestyle just for being a part of the study. The lifestyle intervention participants get one on one attention tailored just for them from the Pennington team of personal trainers and dietitians. “The information you’ll receive could help put you on track for better health during pregnancy and beyond,” explained Dr. Kristin Hoddy PhD, a registered dietitian working on the LIPP study. In addition to the potential health benefits, “All participants in the LIPP study are helping us to better understand ways to prepare women for a healthy pregnancy. This is very valuable information for doctors.” says Dr. Patrick Catalano MD, an obstetrician and one of the lead researchers on the LIPP study.

Curious about the study and want to learn more about what participation will look like?

“We love to talk about the LIPP study and want to hear from you! So, feel free to give us a call or send an email or text message for more information,” suggested Dr. Erickson. Details about this program along with contact information are below.

LIPP Study with Pennington Biomedical

About the Study 

Qualified study participants will be randomly assigned to either the lifestyle intervention or normal living group. The lifestyle intervention group will receive a personal trainer, structured diet plans, and dietary and behavior counseling and be given a Fitbit® and an electronic scale to track progress. The normal living group will be provided with instructions on diet and weight management, healthy pregnancy care, and be provided financial resources to promote their personal health.

Pennington Biomedical IRB FWA 00006218 Approved November 27, 2019

Study Qualifications 

  • To qualify, participants in this study should be:
  • Be between 18 to 40 years old
  • Have previously given birth to a full term baby (greater than 37 weeks)
  • Be planning to have another baby within the next 24 months
  • Not be a smoker
  • Not be diagnosed with diabetes


Lifestyle intervention participants will receive up to $540, a FitBit®, and up to 18 months of personal training and diet counseling sessions.

The normal living group will receive up to $2,250, as well as receiving current guidelines for exercise, dietary, and pregnancy health.

Both groups are eligible for childcare at no cost when attending study visits and training sessions at Pennington Biomedical.

Study Contact 

If you’re interested in learning more or seeing if you qualify for the LIPP study visit give us a call at 225-964-4488, or email

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