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rsmbconnects_headerThis post is part of our special, Red Stick Moms Blog CONNECTS series, where we focus on connecting with our kids, family and friends, and community during the holiday season.

One of my family values is “neighbors not strangers.” What does that mean and how does that look? Like this…

Often times you see your neighbors and give them the friendly wave or nod and smile. Why not make it really awkward and walk up to them and actually say, “Hello!” Not as easy as it sounds… believe me. I mean, I’m no Betty Crocker in the kitchen which narrows the chance of me taking them a shady, tin-covered, casserole dish with random directions. However, I do enjoy crafting and all things Pinterest, even the dreamy projects I’ll never make. So, here’s what I came up with to invite some strangers to become my neighbors: Project Pinterest Night! I thought of the idea while I lived in inner-city Houston and was attempting to meet new “mommy” friends, but it didn’t really take shape until I returned home to Louisiana.  This is a great opporunity to make new friends, build relationships with friends you already have, or even put a holiday spin on it and make it your next Christmas party!


Here’s how it works:  Gather your neighbors in any local context: family, friends, work, church, and actual neighbors. Everyone chooses a project, brings the materials to complete their own project, and meets at your house. You can make a few calls for others to bring something tasty (because that’s not my forte) and off you go to crafty-land!

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to meet new mommies and make a craft which is sometimes successful and sometimes not. (All things from Pinterest are not a success for me.) Don’t get me wrong, I love a great casserole. But giving someone an invitation to your home definitely opens up an opportunity for an introduction that sparks a long-lasting friendship. Moms need a sense of belonging within their community and this is just one way to forge the gap between homes, hallways, and highways.


Have you ever had a Pinterest-type party? What is your tip for success?


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