Toddler Approved Christmas Crafts

As soon as December 1st comes around, I immediately turn into a crafty DIY person. I’m normally not that big into arts and crafts; I mean, I can barely draw a stick figure. But nonetheless, I pretend I’m an artist and have at it. This year especially makes me excited because Maverick is at the age to want to get into everything … especially when it comes to arts and crafts. So I figured why not let him indulge a little. Sure I assisted a little, well a lot, but he still loved every minute of it. We’ve even started painting on brown paper to wrap the Christmas presents with this year!

The only things you need for this project are:
Safe paint for toddlers
Canvas or paper
White pompoms or cotton balls
Construction paper

Foot Christmas Tree:
I painted the bottom of his foot green, and placed it on the canvas – this one took at least 4 tries, so give yourself some grace if it doesn’t work out the first time. I then painted the little lights and guided him with the fingerprint ornaments!

Snowman Christmas Card:
This one was much easier, and Maverick loved saying “puuush” as he pushed the pompoms on the card while they dried!

A White Christmas:

I used washi tape to cover the entire canvas and then used an exacto knife to cut a tree outline out.

I removed the excess tape, and when Mav woke up from nap time he painted all around the tape!To make this craft a little friendly for older kids, they could paint their own ornaments!

These would make really cute Christmas gifts for grandparents or family members as well as a fun way to pass the time during Christmas break!

Michelle, and her wonderful husband Michael, moved to Baton Rouge from Houma, 3 years ago to help launch Anchor Chapel. Though it's been 3 years, there's a 99.9% chance she'll still get lost unless she uses the GPS on her phone. They are the parents to a spunky, Disney loving 2-year-old named Maverick. She graduated from Nicholls State University and earned her degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She has since then has decided to trade that in for a life of a working stay at home mom. She loves all things Jesus, Lush, and Disney!


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