Top 6 Things to Never, Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman


#6 Any sentence containing the words “plump”, “round”, “big” or any of their synonyms.


Even if you’re trying to lovingly refer to their precious bump. Just use the word cute.


#5 Your [insert any body part] won’t fit through that door much longer!


Ha. Haha.


#4 Should you be eating that?


Nope. You know me, all about putting my unborn child at risk eating whatever I want.


#3 Why’re you breathing so hard!?


I think it has something to do with this other human being inhabiting my body & the heat index of 95 degrees before 9 am #louisianaproblems


#2 Any guess at how far along they are, of any kind.


You’ll either over guess and make them feel like they’re not showing “enough”, or under guess and make them feel huge. It’s a lose-lose.


#1 Gosh, what’re you having..twins??


Because the only rational reaction is for us to start crying or punch you in the face. Or both simultaneously.


Did I miss any?!  (For more .gif fun, check out this hilarious mother-of-twins post!)


Blake is a 25 year old born & bred Louisianan, currently inhabiting Baton Rouge. She and her husband, Jeremy, have been married since 2012, and welcomed their first child [a baby girl] into their clan in September! She . Blake is a graduate of LSU and an avid, rabid Tigers fan in every sense of the word. She loves crime shows, Christmas scented candles, and instagram. She is the owner of BG Weddings, a wedding design and planning company based in Baton Rouge. She spends her days balancing her laptop on one knee and her baby girl on her other; but does her best to get out from in front of the screen as much as possible and soak up time with her family.


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