Update Your Underwear Drawer This Christmas … With Tasc

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored or “under”written by our friends at tasc Performance, but includes the authentic opinions of the writer (one of our team member’s husbands). 

Update Your Underwear Drawer This Christmas … With Tasc

A tale as old as time, well maybe not all the time, but a good bit of it. Undergarments.

Undergarments are something that most of us men don’t even think about regularly because we’ve had our “favorites” forever or simply just purchase what we have always known.

Insert Tasc Performance.

Based in New Orleans just down the road from us, they’re making a unique, natural and custom fabric derived from bamboo. From even the un-packaging stage, you can feel the Tasc makes the perfect stocking stuffer socks with a variety of stylesdifference in tasc Performance materials.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test drive, er wear, the BamBare Briefs and regular briefs, the BamBare Boxers, the crew sock, the tabbed performance sock and the invisible performance sock. Basically, I got all new socks and underwear and am hear to tell you about why you should, too.

My initial thought was that the packaging was great!

Coming from a design background, I appreciate that they kept all of their packaging clean and simple. But in the end, this wouldn’t make or break my undergarment experience so of course I opened them to try them on.

Yes, I washed them first.

The briefs were very soft; they felt almost like a second skin but without being restricting anywhere. The BamBare briefs were the same story, though they had a strip of softer “long John” type of material, and I believe this is intended more for activewear and would also therefore absorb moisture and retain less odor. Now, I’m not usually a regular boxer kind of guy, but the boxers from tasc felt so soft that I didn’t mind wearing them. At all. The boxers provided a lot of room, but they didn’t have the usual bagginess that I sometimes find in other boxers.

When it came to the socks, I was interested to see if they would be just as comfortable as the underwear had been, and they really didn’t disappoint.

Update your undergarments with Tasc bamboo underwear this ChristmasBesides the softness, the crew socks gave me a pair of socks that stayed where I put them. ALL. DAY. The invisible socks were very soft and ultra comfortable, but for me, they would not stay put. I’m not sure if I maybe got a size too big, but the heels kept sliding down into my shoes. I loved the look the invisibles gave, but the comfort wore off quick and thus I’d likely try a different size next time. The tabbed performance socks were my favorite of the three styles because they had all of the softness while staying in place all day, too. They were a little below ankle height for me, which I loved.

All in all, I was a fan of all the tasc Performance products I tried. I would definitely go with tasc in the future, and they are definitely approved by this dad.

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