Why I’m Not an Elf on the Shelf Mom

The beauty of the Christmas season brings joy & warmth every year.

This year, more than ever, I think we could use a hefty dose of both! This is my second Christmas season as a mom, and I love thinking of ways to make the Christmas experience magical and exciting for my little one. I also enjoy seeing other families’ traditions. It’s so much fun to come up with new and unique ideas that allow us to spread some cheer (especially as many of us will be celebrating Christmas a little more isolated than normal this year). 

I love seeing how hard moms work to make Christmas magic come alive for little ones. I think it’s pure and endearing. However, there’s one Christmas tradition that I’m not a fan of …. the elf on the shelf. 


I know! This is bound to be an unpopular opinion. However, just hear my side. 

Elf on the Shelf doesn’t offend me. I just choose not to subject myself to it. One thing I love about the Christmas season is the simplicity of it. I’m not a big fan of making a huge deal out of the gifts, the wrapping paper, the tree, etc. In the past several years, my husband and I have become more aware and joyful by celebrating (what is for us) the reason behind this season. 

I think the Elf is a fun and light hearted way to get kids excited about Christmas, but I personally choose not to participate and I never will.  

Run, run Rudolph! Santa’s got to make it town.

The holidays are already filled with SO MUCH rush. Running around all over town. Finding decorations. Putting lights up. Taking holiday photos or Santa photos. Visiting family. Christmas shopping.

The rush of it all overwhelms me. So, I choose not to engage in it. Rather than rush around and try to make everything perfect during the holidays I choose to focus in on appreciating and finding joy in what I already have.

This epiphany did my soul a lot of good. And it’s another reason why I’m not into the elf.

The Elf and I have conflicting personalities. I know that if I engage I would end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the creativity needed. So, I choose not to indulge myself in this overwhelm. Instead, I find other ways to celebrate this season with my little family that overwhelm me with JOY. 

So, if you’re a mom like me who is maybe a little less into the Elf thing…I’m here to tell you that it’s PERFECTLY okay! Your kids will still have a wonderful, meaningful, magical Christmas even if you skip out on the elf this year or forever.

This year, this holiday season (now more than ever) it’s important for us to know our boundaries, respect them, and remember that what’s most important to spend this time wrapped up in love.


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