A Father’s Day Gift Guide :: When A Tie Won’t Do

Raise your hand if your baby daddy is as hard to buy for as mine. I returned the last two gifts I got for my husband because I got the wrong tool. I didn’t realize there were a thousand different drill presses. I refuse to have to return Father’s Day! I have done some major research and I am sharing it with you. This is my super simple Father’s Day gift guide, broken down into Louisiana Local, Edible, and Gizmos & Goodies.

Louisiana Local

Full disclaimer, some of the gifts in this category are edible. Because, well, Louisiana. All of these have been a winner in this household and support some bomb Louisiana companies. Another disclaimer because I am a terrible organizer … there are other Louisiana local gifts on other lists to, so don’t stop here if you are looking for some Louisiana lagniappe for your pops.

  1. Bonfolk Socks – Poboy: These are so fun and Home Malone has so many options to choose from. Plus Dad’s “just a poboy” everybody likes him.
  2. NOLA Shirt of the Month: I love a good subscription box and NOLA TShirt of the Month doesn’t disappoint. Dad can be celebrated one month, three months, or FOREVER once a month with this happy snail mail.
  3. Cajun Crate: Big fan of subscription boxes, but do you think Dad will want to try new Cajun goodies? Cajun Crate delivers some certified Louisiana local provisions to the door once a month.
  4. Parish Ink: My love for Parish Ink runs deep. The shirts are awesome and soft. My Scott-Native Cajun hubs loves them. They have some other cool goodies and hats as well. Definitely worth checking out.


Maybe it’s just the Louisiana gal in me, but food is my love language. Unfortunately for my waistline, it’s also my husband’s. So food is always a go-to gift. Here are some fun edible and edible adjacent goodies. PS … some of these are Louisiana local. Look for the Louisiana icon for quick identification.

  1. Butcher Box: We did this for Christmas this year. It was a huge hit and the meat was outstanding quality. You can choose delivery schedules and the value is outstanding.
  2. Mike’s Hot Honey: So hear me out … my husband tries to make this when we go to Popeyes. He will mix it up in a container and take the tiny Tupperware to the fast food restaurant. He still hasn’t gotten the ratio right, but I am hoping with Mike’s he can stop the madness! He had some friend chicken with hot honey sauce in Cleveland and it’s pretty much all he talks about every time we have chicken of any kind.
  3. Charlie Boy’s Crawfish Paddles: Another Louisiana local goodie. This edible adjacent gift is completely customizable. Pretty sure there is nothing that Charlie Boy’s can’t make for you. What would your pop’s crawfish paddle look like?

Gizmos and Goodies

These were all those goodies that are just so cool you can’t pass up and bonus, still some Louisiana love sprinkled in this list.

  1. Holtz Leather Pocket Journal: Maybe I am shopping with my own loves now, but there is nothing better than the smell of genuine leather. If your man is anything like the men, I am shopping for this holiday, they will love this leather journal. It fits a moleskin and is customizable.
  2. HOBO Knife: Full disclosure, I saw this and laughed. I watch the dads in my life at tailgates, in the woods, at a smokehouse, everywhere whip out a pocket knife and take a sample. It’s so bizarre, but I figure, support the quirks!
  3. Digital Measuring Tape: I just think this is cool. Precise measurements so the deck that we’ve been asking for can be built precisely.
  4. tasc Performance: This line of bamboo clothing is light, airy, and perfect for the Louisiana heat and humidity. This New Orleans-based company is onto something outstanding. Dad will love how lightweight and cool he feels in these clothes.

That’s my list. As I researched and made this list I realized that I will NEVER return a power tool again. There is so much fun stuff out there. So my question to you is, what are you getting the dads in your life?

Whitney is a born and raised Louisianian. Her passions lie in playground sports, keeping a messy home (much to the dismay of the husband), drinking lots of caffeine, dancing in the kitchen, getting (well trying to get) her booty in shape, and making people smile. She devotes her time to three things that fall very close to her heart: her little family, her weenie pup, and the urge to never stop creating. She married to a gentlemen that is her opposite. He though a pilot, is firmly grounded while she spends most of her time with her head in the clouds. She is a step-mom and mom of two girls, and finds motherhood is a bizarre dichotomy of grace and chaos. As a family they make life work with amazingly creative grilled cheese sandwiches, streamers, Steen's Syrup, and maybe a bubble bath. Each day she chases paper rainbows and lives the southern narrative.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I had no idea what to get my husband. Every year this happens. I think I’m going to go with a pocket knife because he doesn’t have one and he has shown interest in knives and I completely forgot!


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