Our Favorite Things: Local Parks

Each month the Red Stick Moms Blog team will be sharing some of our Favorite Things.  This month we are highlighting some of the beautiful, local parks in and around Baton Rouge that we have come to love.

park1“BREC’s Highland Road Park is my favorite park.  I’ve been going since I was a little girl, so there are a lot of childhood memories there. I love bringing my kids to roll on the hills, walk around the big trees, watch a game of tennis or frisbee golf (from afar), or ride bikes on the new pathway.  We even held my son’s 2nd birthday at one of the covered pavillions and all of the kids had such a blast running in the grass and around all the trees.  They are continuing to update it, so it is only going to get better!”                          – Angela H.

“City Park and Leeward Park are our most frequented. City Park because it’s big and there’s a lot to do. Leeward Park because it’s gated and has artificial turf, which is great for post-rainy days when the ground is still wet. But our soon-to-be favorite park is the newly renovated Webb Park which is right near our house and looks super fun!” – Ashley B. *Update – NOW OPEN!!!

City Park, mostly because I can walk there. I love the beautiful oaks, the big kid/little kid playgrounds right next to each other for mamas with kids a few years apart, and the rubber surface that’s easy to walk on without getting sand/pebbles in my shoes.” – Charlotte T.

“I love the indoor North Sherwood Forest Community Park because there is an indoor track to run my kids energy out (and get some exercise for myself), the play equipment is gated in so I can enjoy conversations with other moms or even read a book while they play, and there are always other kids there for mine to play games with. We can go rain or shine and I love being able to stay at the park until bedtime on those really long days as a single mom.” – Krista S.

Flanacher Road Park for us! It’s in Zachary and 5 minutes from our house. It also has a great disc golf course, so dad can go play a few holes while we play on the playground if he wants. It also has a little lake, so sometimes we walk around that as well. It’s a wonderful outdoor option (suuuuper quiet) and you are usually the only ones there! Plus, there is an indoor building that is always open in case you need a break from the heat for a little bit. As far as the playground goes, it has rubber chips and Judah can easily get around on it and slide down the short slide (even though he’s technically too young). And the majority of it is rubber so it’s not crazy hot in the middle of summer.” – Jenny G.

“We love Leeward Park! It’s close to home and Etta Mae can run free without me having to worry that she’ll escape. She has a blast playing with the push toys and the playground equipment is a great size for her.” – Ashley S.

“My favorite is the Greenwood Community Park in Baker! It’s adjacent to the splash park so the kids can run back and forth in the summer. The age 2-5 section is great because it has activities my 2 year olds can actually do (no huge monkey bars or towering slides), and it keeps the bigger kids away. It is not gated but there is lots of green space and small hills if they do want to just run. The big lake is safely fenced off but my boys can still go wave at the paddle boaters or throw rocks into the water. There are also plenty of shaded picnic tables. We can stay for hours there!” – Beth H.

park2What is your favorite park?


(And because we are in a park mood, check back with us later on today for a fun park-related activity post from local blogger, The Mommy Teacher!)


Angela is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to 4 children. She and her husband, Josh, were born and raised in Louisiana and love raising their kids around family and friends. They love exploring the outdoors, traveling, and playing sports. Angela loves to encourage other homeschooling moms and loves to advocate for getting kids off screens and outside.


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