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health + wellness in Baton RougeAsk any Baton Rouge mom what she wants for her children, and health + wellness will be one of her first responses. Whether it’s the mental health of her teenagers, how much screen time to allow her toddlers or struggling with breastfeeding, moms simply want the best outcome for their children’s overall health.

Red Stick Mom provides local families with the latest resources, perspectives and expert advice about the important choices affecting the health + wellness of your Baton Rouge family.

Parents already have a lot of decisions to make! Finding consistent and reliable resources for raising a family in Baton Rouge shouldn’t be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the family’s health + wellness. There are so many issues to consider for kids these days, from children’s mental well-being to food dyes and whether those matter to vaccines and when to get them. And that’s not even taking mom and dad’s health into account!

Enduring a long NICU stay? We’ve been there. Looking for a great urgent care for children in Baton Rouge? Red Stick Mom has suggestions. We’ve talked about taking mental health days for kids, how to battle pesky molluscum, and arthritis in children. These are just a few of the health + wellness questions we’ve addressed on Red Stick Mom over the nine years we’ve served the community.

We’ve covered many different aspects of health + wellness over the years, from a scary breast cancer diagnosis to the benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy to miscarriages and pregnancy loss. Whether we’re discussing birth or adolescence, Red Stick Mom strives to provide relevant health + wellness content for Baton Rouge families in a timely fashion. Best of all, every resource on Red Stick Mom is free to readers.

With the help of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms, Red Stick Mom makes it easy to locate important and accurate health + wellness information for busy families.

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Laura Conley Coaching. That said, one of our staff members has personally paid for this PROVEN, money-back guaranteed, weight loss program and cannot recommend it more. If you are looking for something NEW and different to help you reach your dream weight -  this is it!  Five Reasons You Are Not at Your Dream Weight Warning TMI: I used to be kinda gassy. Sometimes super bloated. Often a lil’ stopped up if you will. I tried all kinds of things to solve this. It wasn’t until I literally got my poop tested that I solved what was ACTUALLY wrong. Instead of just guessing and never really solving it. We can’t SOLVE our weight or poop problems for...
The first night of sleep training was rough. 42 total minutes of crying with mom popping in and out of the room to comfort my baby girl. I kept telling myself, I'm doing this for her and for me! We both NEED sleep. Now, I can honestly say hiring a sleep coach was one of the greatest things I ever spent money on as a mom. Every night, we have a bottle, bath, jammies, story, zipped into sleep sack and my daughter is laid in the crib. She falls asleep independently and sleeps a glorious 11-12 hours each night. She may make a little noise once or twice in the night, but she immediately rolls over and goes back to sleep....
Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Lake Urgent Care Hydration & Wellness.  Lake Urgent Care Hydration & Wellness Offers a Little “Mommy Magic” Moms are a curious bunch. We’re always on the lookout for tips on raising kids, household life hacks, recipes to sneak more veggies into meals, you name it. And with so much focus on our families, sometimes we don’t take quite as good care of ourselves. So, if you’re looking to put a little bit of an edge back into your game, IV therapy is a little “Mommy Magic.” IV Therapy? Tell Me More. We’ve all stayed in the hospital at some point and been administered an intravenous line. Hospitals have used IVs for decades to deliver fluid, medicine,...
As someone who struggled with undiagnosed anxiety for YEARS before seeing a specialist after my second child was born, I am no stranger to the wild things that anxiety can do to your physical body. From breaking out in a random sweat to feeling every emotion in my gut, over the years I have learned with the assistance of professionals and Lexapro, how to cope with my condition. However, there are still days that I feel a bit out of control and cannot calm myself down despite all the things mentioned above. On days when my anxiety is at an all-time high, here are things that I do to help myself. Simple Movement. Key word here is SIMPLE. For me, this...
My infant has a dairy allergy and I've learned a lot about allergens in the last few months. In hindsight, there may have been signs. I was nursing and consuming dairy and, while she was a "gassy baby," she nursed without issue, was sleeping fine and there was no concerning vomiting or stool. She did do this sort of strange backbend thing, but we chalked that up to her learning to move her body. (A pediatric PT said that may have been a way for her to relieve some belly pain.) We really didn't see this coming.   Introducing Food...Discovering An Allergy Baby-led weaning (BLW) has been our preferred method of introducing food to our babies. It was a fun, exciting, and...

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