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Baton Rouge is a big place that offers both the fun of a college campus (Geaux Tigers) and the amenities of a city. There’s a lot to see in and around Baton Rouge. Even if you’ve lived here all your life, there’s still a lot to discover in Louisiana’s capital.

If you’re leaving the house, there’s a good bet that Red Stick Mom has your activity covered, from indoor playgrounds to parks to restaurants to the events that everyone in Baton Rouge is talking about.

At Red Stick Mom, we have family fun in Baton Rouge for all seasons covered, as well as creative ideas for every member of the family. Our team of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms is always looking for activities, events, and inspiration for everything from how to host the perfect Baton Rouge birthday party for kids to hidden gems in Baton Rouge.

Each year, we publish an extensive list of summer camps options in and around Baton Rouge, keeping you informed about all of the best childcare choices for your Baton Rouge family. We’ve got an eye on the local Baton Rouge schools, helping parents make the best decision for their students. We’ll even help you find the best swim lessons in Baton Rouge.

Our writers live in and around Baton Rouge, so we’ve got a lot of experience finding the best things about living in Baton Rouge with kids. We’ve made it through countless weather events like the 2016 floods together and will always connect Baton Rouge moms to one another for assistance and support.

We know that living in Baton Rouge means choosing from a variety of neighborhoods and lifestyles, and we are here for it all. No matter where you live in Baton Rouge, and no matter where your kids go to school in Baton Rouge … Red Stick Mom is here to make life in Baton Rouge with kids easier and more fun!

IT'S HERE! King cake season is upon us, and both grocery stores and bakeries alike are stocking their shelves with the most delicious southern sweet treats of the year. And just in time, too, influencing us to cheat on our New Year’s Resolutions, piece by delectable piece. Some of us have to be extra careful when indulging in these scrumptious sweets. Whether we have a medical condition preventing us from spoiling ourselves with decedent desserts, or we are restricting our choices because we are sticking to rigorous diet routines, we are begging for healthy alternatives to arguably the most coveted cakes in our city. Be sure to check out the Mardi Gras Guide for a list of all parades and activities, grab...
Guide to Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Events and Camps There is never a shortage of things to do in Baton Rouge with kids, and Mardi Gras is no exception. Are you looking to have a fun and exciting time with your family in Baton Rouge this Mardi Gras season? Look no further than the unique Mardi Gras events, festivities and camps in Baton Rouge. With its vibrant culture, world-renowned cuisine and family-friendly atmosphere, Baton Rouge is an ideal destination for those wanting the New Orleans feel of Carnival season without the massive crowds. Mardi Gras in Baton Rouge is family-friendly and a lot of fun! If you do have the urge to take kids to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, there...
A Love Letter To Angel Reese From A Momma's Pen I was once you. Noooo, I was not ever a top-notch athlete or a curator of a platform that stretches to millions of people. But I was a 21-year-old at LSU. I was young and unsure of myself and trying to forge a path for my future. Social media was limited to primitive Facebook posts and MySpace. We still partied and danced, and I am glad pictures and videos were limited LOL. I was wearing a mask that I hoped would match the scene at the time. This is why I think I admire you so much because you are honoring both your authentic self and your needs, physically, emotionally, and mentally....
Christmas On Pointe Have you heard about Baton Rouge’s premier residential community, Pointe-Marie? If you’ve had a chance to visit then you know that Pointe-Marie is a 120-acre walkable village featuring gorgeous homes on beautiful lots, entertainment for the whole family and a charming sense of community located right here in the Red Stick on historic River Road. If you have not yet had a chance to visit Pointe-Marie, this holiday season is the perfect time to see all this community has to offer. There was so much fun to be had and there was something for everyone to do! Both of our girls tried their hand at playing the inflatable games with dad. The cookie decorating activity was a hit...
Best Summer Camps in Baton Rouge It's almost time to look for the best summer camp in Baton Rouge! Although we have several months before school ends in Baton Rouge, NOW is definitely the time to start thinking about summer camps in Baton Rouge! In this comprehensive guide to Baton Rouge summer camps we have highlighted a variety of summer camps for kids of all ages in and around Baton Rouge. We have worked hard to find camps that fit the needs of all Baton Rouge families and that hit various price points. It is our genuine hope that this guide will help you plan a fun and stress-free summer for your family in Baton Rouge! Do you know of an...

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Vegan Restaurants in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Local Vegan Restaurants  Who doesn’t love good clean eating? I have listed below some plant based vegan restaurants that are located in South Louisiana. Some...