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Baton Rouge is a big place that offers both the fun of a college campus (Geaux Tigers) and the amenities of a city. There’s a lot to see in and around Baton Rouge. Even if you’ve lived here all your life, there’s still a lot to discover in Louisiana’s capital.

If you’re leaving the house, there’s a good bet that Red Stick Mom has your activity covered, from indoor playgrounds to parks to restaurants to the events that everyone in Baton Rouge is talking about.

At Red Stick Mom, we have family fun in Baton Rouge for all seasons covered, as well as creative ideas for every member of the family. Our team of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms is always looking for activities, events, and inspiration for everything from how to host the perfect Baton Rouge birthday party for kids to hidden gems in Baton Rouge.

Each year, we publish an extensive list of summer camps options in and around Baton Rouge, keeping you informed about all of the best childcare choices for your Baton Rouge family. We’ve got an eye on the local Baton Rouge schools, helping parents make the best decision for their students. We’ll even help you find the best swim lessons in Baton Rouge.

Our writers live in and around Baton Rouge, so we’ve got a lot of experience finding the best things about living in Baton Rouge with kids. We’ve made it through countless weather events like the 2016 floods together and will always connect Baton Rouge moms to one another for assistance and support.

We know that living in Baton Rouge means choosing from a variety of neighborhoods and lifestyles, and we are here for it all. No matter where you live in Baton Rouge, and no matter where your kids go to school in Baton Rouge … Red Stick Mom is here to make life in Baton Rouge with kids easier and more fun!

Celebrate With Claire’s! :: Birthday Parties For Girls On A Budget Birthday parties can get expensive especially with the rising cost of inflation in just about every aspect of our lives; so as a parent(s) on a budget it’s important to try to seek out an avenue to celebrate your little princess that doesn’t break the bank! Most people don’t know this BUT Claire’s offers birthday parties for just about every budget, and it’s super easy to book too! All you need to do to secure your spot is to purchase $50 in gift cards. What To Expect You’ll choose your time and theme (side note: you can schedule a party before the store opens if you really want that VIP treatment at...
Are you looking for things to do with kids in Baton Rouge this fall? We are taking you straight through the alphabet with over 75 ideas and activities that are perfect for Baton Rouge family fun this Fall. If you need kid-friendly things to do in Baton Rouge, we have you covered. There is everything from indoor Baton Rouge family fun to weekend day trips, all pre-approved by our team here at Red Stick Mom! Whether you live in Baton Rouge or are traveling to Baton Rouge with kids, there is plenty to do in this friendly Louisiana city with the family. Happy Fall! Fall into Family Fun in Baton Rouge :: 75+ Ideas and Activities for Baton Rouge Family...
Back To Football Season :: Food, Tips and Tricks Summer is gone, back to school is behind us; that can mean only one thing: it's back to football season! I’ve rounded up some of our favorite tips and tricks, found some great party recipes and some reminders of the fun that football in the fall can bring.  This season both LSU and Southern University have their season openers on Labor Day weekend; both are away games. They both have their home openers on Saturday, September 9. The Saints play their home season opener on Sunday, September 10 against the Titans. It’s going to be a party weekend in Louisiana! Food  Football season is a great time for gathering. Whether it is in your...
What Is A Bin Store And Why You Should Go I love a good sale, and who doesn't want to get things they need at a discounted price. Oftentimes retail stores are jumping seasons before I’ve even had a chance to process what I need. I’m searching for sunscreen and they’re putting out Halloween or, gasp, Christmas décor. When retail stores need to downsize their stock or clearance items they can send it to a discount store. Shopping at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ollie’s you can often find brands common to department stores or retail giants like Target. End of the Lane is a local example of a shop where you can find close-out items from places like...
What Type Of Mom Are You? Nature, in all of its glory, is full of examples of different types of mothers and families. Our God has masterfully woven together family dynamics of many sorts that we can all relate to in one way or another, especially if we consider how animal families mirror our own. So let's try a little exercise and see what kind of animal-mommy you are. Depending on how you see yourself, I'll tell you some fun things to do in Baton Rouge that are perfect for your mommy-type. Take a read below and tell me... which mommy type are YOU? The Elephant Your home is matriarchal, whether by choice or circumstance. In your circle, mothers are respected and revered...

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