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As a Baton Rouge mom, sometimes you simply need to connect with other local moms to hear their thoughts, perspectives and opinions about raising kids in Baton Rouge. The perspectives in parenting section of Red Stick Mom is focused on providing a place for readers to discover what other moms are thinking and how they are managing the ever-changing challenges that accompany the difficult job of being a parent.

There are many different perspectives on parenting and living in Baton Rouge with kids, and Red Stick Mom is a safe platform where these diverse opinions can be published and discussed. We strive to provide not just valuable information and resources to parents across Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, but also a place to hear from other local moms and what they’re thinking about current issues facing families.

In our perspectives in parenting section, you’ll find lots of anecdotes and reflections on day-to-day life in Baton Rouge with kids. Our writers keep it real and are willing to share everything from what it’s like to not want to have a natural birth in Baton Rouge to why they chose ISR swim lessons in Baton Rouge to managing their time as a single mom.

Many of our perspectives in parenting stories offer an intimate look into the highs and lows of being a mom in Baton Rouge. Whether it’s avoiding the mom shame game, or the challenges of having multiple young kids, we think that the best way to work through motherhood is together. No topic is off limits, even if it means getting honest about body image issues for young girls in Baton Rouge.

The Red Stick Mom writers talk about important things that Baton Rouge moms need to know, like where to get the best tutoring help in Baton Rouge and where to take a day trip with kids when you just need to get out of town!

With more than 25 local moms writing for Red Stick Mom, we pride ourselves on being the premier parenting resource for living in Baton Rouge with kids. If there’s a topic or perspective that’s missing, we always invite our readers to let us know what they want to talk about next!

Coffee Accessories :: It's Fun To Be Extra We talked about ways to save by making coffee at home. Now here are a few things to help make that at home coffee just a bit better, and to have a little fun while doing it. Better Drink  Here are a few things to up the flavor in your homemade beverage. Bean Grinder- if you're only going to get one accessory, get this one! Grinding your own coffee beans is the best way to get the best flavor in your homemade coffee.  Aerator-This fun little contraption looks like a little whisk introduces air into your beverage. I like to use it in my creamer/oat milk. It helps to make it seem like I have that...
Camp Bon Coeur :: An Oasis For Heart Warriors Having children with medical needs affects you. There's always so many questions to be asked, decisions to be made. What if my child doesn't progress like other kids? What if something happens? What does their future look like? You also start questioning whether or not they’ll get to have the normal experiences of childhood most people take for granted. Summer camp is one of those experiences. Let’s backtrack a little. I have two children with heart conditions. My daughter is 9, and my son is 4. She was diagnosed as an infant and he was diagnosed in utero. They’ve both undergone surgery to alleviate their conditions and improve their lives. While those...
Banned Books I Encourage My Teen To Read By definition, book banning is the act of removing materials from a school or library as a result of objections from groups or individuals who say they need to protect others from the difficult information or ideas contained in the books. These controversial topics include everything from sexuality and religious views to information on racial and social injustices. I am a strong believer that for the most part, reading should not be censored. Growing up, I gained a wealth of knowledge and empathy through books. Learning about different views, experiences, and life paths from books has shaped me into a woman and mom who is able to spread my empathy to others around...
5 Post-Christmas Traditions To Start This Year The gifts have been opened, the cookies baked and the bells jingled. Christmas is over and the New Year is just a week away. What to do now? Here are five ideas for post-Christmas / pre-New Year traditions to end your year and start the new one off on the right foot. Review/reflect on the past year and set goals or a mission plan for next year. Take some time for yourself and review your year. This can be done in one sitting, or as a week long project. There are great, free online options to help guide you through your year in review. Check out this for a workbook and word of the...
To The Daughter Of A Mom With Mental Illness… It’s with utmost sincerity that I write to you, daughter of a mom with mental illness. With genuine and heartfelt empathy, I pen this article in hopes of helping you know that you are not alone, and your worth is far more valuable than you were raised to believe. What you have experienced growing up as a child of a mother who had mental struggles is awful, and it is not uncommon for your sense of trust, self-worth, and reality to be distorted as you have grown. But it doesn’t have to be an indicator of your own future relationships and family. How do you know if you’re the daughter of a...

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