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As a Baton Rouge mom, sometimes you simply need to connect with other local moms to hear their thoughts, perspectives and opinions about raising kids in Baton Rouge. The perspectives in parenting section of Red Stick Mom is focused on providing a place for readers to discover what other moms are thinking and how they are managing the ever-changing challenges that accompany the difficult job of being a parent.

There are many different perspectives on parenting and living in Baton Rouge with kids, and Red Stick Mom is a safe platform where these diverse opinions can be published and discussed. We strive to provide not just valuable information and resources to parents across Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, but also a place to hear from other local moms and what they’re thinking about current issues facing families.

In our perspectives in parenting section, you’ll find lots of anecdotes and reflections on day-to-day life in Baton Rouge with kids. Our writers keep it real and are willing to share everything from what it’s like to not want to have a natural birth in Baton Rouge to why they chose ISR swim lessons in Baton Rouge to managing their time as a single mom.

Many of our perspectives in parenting stories offer an intimate look into the highs and lows of being a mom in Baton Rouge. Whether it’s avoiding the mom shame game, or the challenges of having multiple young kids, we think that the best way to work through motherhood is together. No topic is off limits, even if it means getting honest about body image issues for young girls in Baton Rouge.

The Red Stick Mom writers talk about important things that Baton Rouge moms need to know, like where to get the best tutoring help in Baton Rouge and where to take a day trip with kids when you just need to get out of town!

With more than 25 local moms writing for Red Stick Mom, we pride ourselves on being the premier parenting resource for living in Baton Rouge with kids. If there’s a topic or perspective that’s missing, we always invite our readers to let us know what they want to talk about next!

GroupMe Etiquette for the Modern Parent Okay, moms. Let’s talk about GroupMe. I’m officially using my unofficial authority to set some rules. This is for your own good. These rules will liberate you - freeing you from feeling obligated to respond to every message in GroupMe and silencing the constant barrage of notifications. You probably have several unread and irrelevant GroupMe messages to tend to now, so let’s dive right in. Rule #1: If the coach asks who will NOT be able to attend the game or event, only respond if your child is NOT attending. This one’s pretty simple, but it’s commonly misunderstood. Let's examine this one closely: "Not attending" signifies your child won't be there - not present in...
Follow The Leader As the first born in my family, leadership comes naturally to me. And now that the older generation is passing on, I feel this strong sense of obligation to keep our family traditions going. No matter what must be done, they all wait on me to take charge. And sometimes it gets exhausting and overrated. Being a leader does not stop there, I find myself in leadership roles for work, hanging with friends and church. Now being a single mother, I get the joy of being the leader of our little family, making all the decisions, keeping the house in order, doing all the driving and even creating moments of fun. But there are times I crave...
Fostering Healthy Body Acceptance In Your Teen Daughter Teaching a young girl how to accept and love her body starts with her mother. You will be a mirror to either her strengths or her insecurities. It's up to you to decide which she will reflect on. She will already be bombarded with the unattainable world of filters, advertising, TikTok videos, and the latest internet celebrity. She will hear the gossip of peers calling out the too fat, too thin, too tan, not tan enough, too tall, too short, anything too much, making her feel less than. But you momma, can lessen the damage of these things. Never Criticize Yourself in Her Presence Momma I'm with you. I've got pounds to lose. There...
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Let Them Play

Let Them Play I used to be that mom. The mom with an arsenal of baby wipes and wet washcloths at the ready, constantly wiping faces and feet and God forbid they wear those brand new shoes outside. Oh you want to catch bugs and lizards? Um, how about no. Then I came to my senses. Gone were the days when I really gave a second thought to my children playing in the mud, exploring the sights and sounds around them, and just being kids. Slowly and surely I was letting that part of my ever present helicopter parenting go and I couldn’t be happier. Kids are curious by nature, I was done with hindering that curiosity. I stopped hovering, I stopped being...
Give Your Family a Worldly Experience: Host a High School Exchange Student Are you searching for a way to expose your children to different cultures or add a little vibrancy to your house? Volunteering to host an exchange student is a great way to experience different cultures and it offers numerous benefits for you and your family. Now is a great time to select a student to host for the upcoming school year. Doing so will allow you to start communicating with the student and preparing for his or her arrival. Who can host an exchange student? From traditional families to single parents and empty-nesters, host families come in many different forms. Host families have high school-aged children, toddlers, or no children...

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