Angelle Terrell

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The Phrase I Won’t Teach My White Sons: In Memory of Ahmaud Arbery

I stroll with my two young sons almost everyday through our neighborhood. Since February, the cloudless sky can almost be too blue and too beautiful with the bright sun beaming down on us. I...

Dear High School Senior: Your Mom is Grieving Too

Dear High School Senior, There are probably a lot of emotions running through you right now. At some point in the not-too-distant-past, you felt a jolt of electricity when the announcement first hit – school...

It Looks Like I’m Falling Apart, But I’m Fighting Harder Than You Know

From the look of my mornings, you’d probably say I am falling apart. It happened in the span of an hour. My husband had disappeared into the bedroom for his drawn-out morning of preparation which...

The Home Front Constant: Moms Make It Work

In the American Revolution, they dashed onto battlefields to man canons that had lost their Continental soldier to enemy fire. They pressed their ears against fireplaces to listen to British secrets being discussed for...

As For Me, I’m Still Teaching

The days have not been pleasant, but the memes have been nothing short of gold. A nation of children suddenly barred from their schools. Parents and guardians left analyzing Moodle, Google classroom, or pages...