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What I’ll Teach My Kids About January 6, 2021

Oh gosh. I guess you opened this piece thinking that there would be some pithy antidote here. Like a poorly patched thesis statement about tough conversations. About America the beautiful. E Pluribus Unum and...

What I’ll Miss About Tailgating is Not Tailgating

The Funky Bunch My friends and I have tailgated in the same spot for ten years. 2020 would have been the eleventh. It started as a way to stay connected in the wake of graduating...

Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg – From an American and a Mother

When I heard about your death, I was cooking barefoot in the kitchen. 2020 is full of irony. My children were there. One was at my leg, clawing for my attention as I poured...

All I Can Do Is Lead With Love: Teaching in a Pandemic

I had a breakthrough in my decade-long teaching career just two years ago. Latent as that epiphany may be, I’m thankful it happened at all. I had tried to face my students with a...

What a Mom With High-Functioning Anxiety Needs

Once I had to drive myself to the hospital across town. Time was of the essence. On this particular day, all of the interstates were shut down due to a very high-profile funeral in...