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Dreams on a Shelf :: Reflecting on the New Decade

I’m a firm believer that whoever invented New Year’s Resolutions never met someone from South Louisiana. While the rest of the world is vowing to become a better version of themselves by drinking less,...

#Trending :: Before You Post a Political Meme

I often joke that my love language is meme. I am known in quite a few group chats to be something of a quickdraw when it comes to posting the right viral joke at...

J’aime Coach O :: A Cajun Girl’s View

  It was the talk of every holiday get-together that year. Between the glittery attire and bourbon breaths, I could hear his name over and over again followed by a labored sigh or a mighty...

In Defense of Fall Photography

It’s always the same characters but different actors. A nicely dressed family pulls up a dusk-lit road. The doors open with a plume in hairspray, goldfish dust, and tears. Mom wobbles all around the...

Uncommitting to Being Overcommitted

I have an ugly confession to make – now that I am a mom, I’ve become a side-project junkie. Time is my currency and Pinterest is my gateway drug. If projects were a household...

Kind Dinosaurs and Other Big Kid Dreams

I love seeing the colorful chalkboards filled up with favorite foods, future careers, and teacher names flood my news feed at the beginning of the school year. I especially love when little ones proclaim...

{Oh The Places You Will Geaux} Life Lessons From an LSU Mommy

As I try to explain to you, my curly-haired two-year-old with a cinnamon crusted mouth and a quivering lip, the reason mommy and daddy need to watch ESPN's College Gameday and not another episode...

To The Moms of My Students :: I See You

We're all smiling, but we're bracing for each other. Every year our school has a “back-to-school” night. The parents of my students, most of them moms, drop in for a short amount of time. I...

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