Angelle Terrell

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The Home Front Constant: Moms Make It Work

In the American Revolution, they dashed onto battlefields to man canons that had lost their Continental soldier to enemy fire. They pressed their ears against fireplaces to listen to British secrets being discussed for...

As For Me, I’m Still Teaching

The days have not been pleasant, but the memes have been nothing short of gold. A nation of children suddenly barred from their schools. Parents and guardians left analyzing Moodle, Google classroom, or pages...

I’m Not Ashamed of My Alone Time…I Think.

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a secret introvert. I use the word secret because, from a casual observer’s point of view, I’m anything but. I spend my...

Dreams on a Shelf :: Reflecting on the New Decade

I’m a firm believer that whoever invented New Year’s Resolutions never met someone from South Louisiana. While the rest of the world is vowing to become a better version of themselves by drinking less,...

#Trending :: Before You Post a Political Meme

I often joke that my love language is meme. I am known in quite a few group chats to be something of a quickdraw when it comes to posting the right viral joke at...

J’aime Coach O :: A Cajun Girl’s View

  It was the talk of every holiday get-together that year. Between the glittery attire and bourbon breaths, I could hear his name over and over again followed by a labored sigh or a mighty...

In Defense of Fall Photography

It’s always the same characters but different actors. A nicely dressed family pulls up a dusk-lit road. The doors open with a plume in hairspray, goldfish dust, and tears. Mom wobbles all around the...

Uncommitting to Being Overcommitted

I have an ugly confession to make – now that I am a mom, I’ve become a side-project junkie. Time is my currency and Pinterest is my gateway drug. If projects were a household...

Kind Dinosaurs and Other Big Kid Dreams

I love seeing the colorful chalkboards filled up with favorite foods, future careers, and teacher names flood my news feed at the beginning of the school year. I especially love when little ones proclaim...

{Oh The Places You Will Geaux} Life Lessons From an LSU Mommy

As I try to explain to you, my curly-haired two-year-old with a cinnamon crusted mouth and a quivering lip, the reason mommy and daddy need to watch ESPN's College Gameday and not another episode...

To The Moms of My Students :: I See You

We're all smiling, but we're bracing for each other. Every year our school has a “back-to-school” night. The parents of my students, most of them moms, drop in for a short amount of time. I...