Hi, I’m Bre and mama to the beautiful Brynne Jolie. We are navigating life together.

Fromage Blanc :: The Best Cheese Dip Appetizer

Fromage Blanc :: What's That? If you’re hosting and need an easy dish or if you’re invited out and need an easy transport dish – are you always thinking, “OMG WTH am I going to...

The Postpartum Ride Home From The Hospital

The Postpartum Ride Home From The Hospital Most moms remember the ride home from the hospital as a beautiful experience. The nurse wheels you wheel you to the car, you put the baby in the car...

Not By Choice :: I Never Planned on Being a Single Mother

Not By Choice Most girls grow up dreaming of becoming a wife and then a mother. It’s how society programs us. Wanting to emulate our moms, we grew up “playing house” and carried around dolls...