Melanie grew up in the New Orleans area. She has lived in Baton Rouge since starting her bachelors degree at LSU. Melanie has a BA in Mass Communication and a master’s degree in Social Work both from LSU. In her professional life Melanie focuses on women’s mental health. She also has a passion for group therapy. Melanie and her husband Adam have been married for nine years. They have a one year old son. In her personal life Melanie can be found trying out a new hobby, trying to “get organized” and avoiding the laundry. She loves sitcoms, traveling, iced coffee and carbs.

Teaching Toddlers Feelings

Happy, Angry, Sad, Afraid: basic emotions that set the foundation for all of the emotions we experience. It seems so simple, yet so many struggle to process and experience emotions. Somewhere along the way,...

Must Have Winter Accessories for Moms

I am one of those people who is always cold. Mid-August air conditioning will find me wearing a sweater or at the very least a cardigan. So actual winter has me reaching for all...

Simplify the Holidays With Homemade Gifts Under $5

A few years ago my husband’s family decided to forgo the adult gift card exchange, the Secret Santa and the white elephant and instead decided to do a homemade gift exchange. (Don’t worry the...

Pregnancy Apology

Just have fun! Don’t Drink the Water! Don’t stress, it will happen! (Insert eye-roll) If you’ve been around a pregnant person or you’re thinking of, or trying to, get pregnant you’ve probably heard one...

Meatless Meals for a Change

My husband is a carnivore, he wants meat with every meal. I, on the other hand, can be completely happy with a week of meatless meals. I don’t particularly like red meat and one...

I Want that Toddler Mentality

Kids are awesome and draining and fun and tiring, but so are vacations and parties and a million other things. The recent hurricane reinforced a lot of things for me and provided some enlightenment,...

Favorite Fall Beverages

When the humidity drops below 80% and the temps don’t go above 80 degrees, we all know what that means...it’s Fall in the South. Despite corporations selling pumpkin-flavored everything starting in August, I like...

Silly Sitcoms for Serious Times

The world is stressful and chaotic, and sometimes I can’t bear to even watch / read the news or listen to current events podcasts. Sometimes I just want, and need, to stay in my...

Current Mood: Mom Guilt

Mom guilt, noun, the feeling of having done wrong or failed as a mom. I imagine that is how Merriam-Webster would define it. I don't need a definition to know that I experience it...