Family Friendly TV :: Percy Jackson And The Olympians On Disney+

Family Friendly TV :: Percy Jackson And The Olympians On Disney+

Looking for a fun, family-friendly TV series that is actually entertaining for both kids and adults? Look no further than Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Based on the YA novels of the same name, with heavy involvement from author Rick Riordon, the Disney+ series follows the story of young Percy Jackson and how his life changes when he learns he is a demi-god because his dad is a Greek god. As a result, Percy is thrust into a world of myths and monsters; finds friends (Annabeth and Grover) and enemies, and learns some important life lessons along the way.

The target audience for both the books and the series is that late elementary to early middle school group, I’d say 8-12, but the Disney+ series, and the novels, are engaging for adults too. This is truly a series you can watch together.

Family Friendly TV :: Percy Jackson And The Olympians On Disney+

Why it Works for Adults

I first learned of Percy Jackson and the Olympians when my favorite podcast hosts mentioned reading the books. I’d always been interested in Greek mythology, in fact, the novel Circe is what got me back into reading after having my first child. When I heard about a Greek myth story set in the United States my interest was piqued. I didn’t know a series was in the works when I started reading the books, but I’m glad I was able to finish them prior to watching.

I see Percy as a story about family. One of the themes that the series really heightened was the bond between Percy and his mother, Sally. Sally is essentially a single parent. She demonstrates the strength and drive it takes to be a single mother. One of the themes that really worked for me was how much parents sacrifice for their children. I think the show beautifully illustrates the lengths moms will go to to do what is best for our kids; even if that means our kids get angry with us, or it breaks our hearts. Not going to lie, this Disney show caused some tears.

Why it Works for Kids

Percy is an adventure! It’s fun and engaging. Percy is 12, his voice cracks, he uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, he’s kind, imaginative, he loves his mother and tries his hardest to do what is right. He is also a kid who doesn’t fit in in the “regular” world. He has ADHD and dyslexia and is the new kid at a new school every year. In essence, he is relatable, especially to kids going through that transition from childhood to adolescence.

The series allows Percy to be 12 (unlike the previous film adaptation that aged up the characters), to be afraid, to be overly confident and to be completely terrified, to make friends and deal with bullies. Percy has an adventure, learns about himself, creates his found family and develops a lasting friendship with Annabeth and Grover.

Parental Discretion

Family Friendly TV :: Percy Jackson And The Olympians On Disney+

The series is rated TV-PG. Some of the content may be a bit frightening for younger kids (a mummy, some scary scenes, fantasy violence, bullies). There is sword play and injuries, and some frightening mythological monsters.

There are also some themes that aren’t quite kid appropriate, if you’re familiar with the story of Medusa you’ll know what I mean, but it is handled very appropriately and if you don’t know what they are alluding to it doesn’t seem out of place. For kids, it will go right over their heads. Being that it is a Disney show they definitely round off the sharper edges from the novels and make it more family friendly.

So What’s it About?

Without giving away too much: Percy learns the truth about who he is, and why he doesn’t “fit in” in the regular world. He goes to a special camp for demi-gods. Makes some new friends, learns the truth about some old friends, finds a special skill and is tasked with a quest. He and Annabeth and Grover then head off on a cross-country adventure to save the day and find & return Zeus’ master bolt.

Season one is based on the first novel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. All 8 episodes of season one are out now. (It originally premiered in December 2023 and did a weekly release). In February 2024 it was announced that Percy Jackson will be back for season 2!

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