Whitney is a born and raised Louisianian. Her passions lie in playground sports, keeping a messy home (much to the dismay of the husband), drinking lots of caffeine, dancing in the kitchen, getting (well trying to get) her booty in shape, and making people smile. She devotes her time to three things that fall very close to her heart: her little family, her weenie pup, and the urge to never stop creating. She married to a gentlemen that is her opposite. He though a pilot, is firmly grounded while she spends most of her time with her head in the clouds. She is a step-mom and mom of two girls, and finds motherhood is a bizarre dichotomy of grace and chaos. As a family they make life work with amazingly creative grilled cheese sandwiches, streamers, Steen's Syrup, and maybe a bubble bath. Each day she chases paper rainbows and lives the southern narrative.

My Melanoma Story :: Melanoma Awareness Month

May is Melanoma Awareness month, but for moms like me, every month is melanoma awareness month.  I was 28 the first time we found melanoma on my back, by complete accident. It was stage 2,...

I WORK from Home

I am a work from home mom. I also work from my car, the bath, in between "My Little Pony" movies, at the gym (if I make it), and everywhere in between. When I...

A Million Words for Dr. Seuss

As I sit here staring at a blank screen, I wonder how I could possibly write a post that could really celebrate Dr. Seuss. I suppose I could embrace the daughter-of-a-teacher side of me and...

What LSU Gymnastics has Taught Me

I feel like I need to post an unpopular opinion, LSU Football is NOT the best sport at LSU. There I said it. Sorry, not sorry. Before you get all up in arms, I love...

Boy Mom and Princess Dresses

I am not a boy mom by the pure definition that the reliable source of Urban Dictionary gives me, “mother to only boys,” but when used in their example sentence, “Boy mom is an...

I Just Wanted to Pee Alone

There is a moment that moms universally dream of ... going to the bathroom alone. It is in these sweet minute(s), I aimlessly scroll through Pinterest, read two sentences of the scholarly article my...

Establishing Trust as a Step-Mom

Me again, chatting about the adventures in step-parenting. Full-discalaimer, I have zero clue what I am doing and just shooting from the hip. I talk to professionals. I get advice from seasoned parents. I...

I Was Done Having Kids

I was asked many times after I had Birdie, "Are you done having kids?" It was a sure, and irrevocable "yes." The first list. I didn’t want another child for several reasons: I was miserably swollen...

Things I Learned in Times of Disaster

In 2016, the Great Flood came through and wiped out 98% of my town. I was part of the 2% left dry. Not only were people’s homes underwater, but their businesses were too. Which...