101 Ideas for Self-Care

Throughout my career as a therapist, I have uncovered a couple of topics that always come up in sessions. Self-care ranks in the top three, easily.

Self-care is the intentional choice to do something for yourself to preserve yourself.

Self-care is restorative and mandatory if you are going to thrive.

Often my clients ask, what are some examples of self-care?

Well, since you asked, here are 101 ideas for self-care.

  1. Watch a sunset.
  2. Take ten deep breaths (on purpose).
  3. Attend a yoga class.
  4. Take a bubble bath.
  5. Listen to your favorite music.
  6. Take a Walk.
  7. Work out.
  8. Go paddle boarding.
  9. Bake a treat.
  10. Spend a few minutes on the swing.                                 
  11. Do a hair mask.
  12. Get a massage.
  13. Paint a picture.
  14. Journal about your day.
  15. Call a favorite friend.
  16. Research a place you would like to go.
  17. Go to a museum.                                                             
  18. Lounge in a robe.
  19. Watch your favorite movie.
  20. Get a facial.
  21. Look at your favorite pictures.
  22. Write a bucket list.
  23. Sketch a scene.
  24. Make a floral arrangement, just because.
  25. Listen to a mindfulness exercise.
  26. Go to therapy.
  27. Snuggle with a pet.
  28. Get a pedicure.
  29. Research a hobby online.
  30. Read a magazine.
  31. Light a candle.                                                 
  32. Adhere teeth whitening strips.
  33. Slather on some lotion.
  34. Go to lunch with a friend.
  35. Drink a cup of tea.
  36. Go for a bike ride.
  37. Celebrate a task you accomplished that day.
  38. Go to a movie.
  39. Craft on Mondays.
  40. Take a break.
  41. Google inspirational quotes.
  42. Write a letter.
  43. Take a road trip.
  44. Plant a flower.
  45. Drink your coffee outside.
  46. Do a face mask.
  47. Use a shower steamer.
  48. Sit by a river.                                                    
  49. Get a babysitter.
  50. Take a picture.
  51. Frame a picture.
  52. Watch a bird.
  53. Go for a hike.
  54. Write down a favorite memory.
  55. Tell your best friend why they are your best friend.
  56. Dig your toes into the sand.
  57. Dance to Dua Lipa.
  58. Volunteer for a cause that matters to you.
  59. Go on a boat ride.                                            
  60. Make a room smell amazing.
  61. Make time to laugh.
  62. Have a date night.
  63. Look at art.
  64. Enjoy some clean sheets.
  65. Unplug for a few hours.
  66. Drink a juice.
  67. Read a book.                                                  
  68. Read a devotional.
  69. Stretch.
  70. List three reasons why you are grateful.
  71. Appreciate what you do, and focus less on what you can’t do.
  72. Watch Steel Magnolias.
  73. Spend that extra five minutes on your makeup.
  74. Take a nap.
  75. Listen to a podcast.
  76. Unfollow toxic social media.
  77. Ask for a hug.
  78. Learn something new.
  79. Spritz yourself with a moisturizing spray.           
  80. Make a vision board.
  81. Wrap up in a blanket.
  82. Snuggle the baby.
  83. Say a prayer.
  84. Play an instrument.
  85. Wear a favorite outfit.
  86. Indulge in Bravo.
  87. Tell someone the story of how y’all met.
  88. Go for a swim.
  89. Re-watch a sweet baby video.
  90. Watch a travel video.
  91. Catch up with an old friend.
  92. Wake up to watch the sun rise.                        
  93. Go to a farmer’s market.
  94. Sing a song.
  95. Check out a local boutique.
  96. Wear the perfume.
  97. Hold hands.
  98. Enjoy five minutes of silence.
  99. Go to the library.
  100. Enjoy a charcuterie board.
  101. In real life, do any one of the 101 things on this list. Today.

Self-care is personal. What may relax me may irritate or bore you. So, take some time and intentionally explore self-care.

What is your favorite form of self-care?


Melissa Fleming
Melissa Fleming lives in Prairieville, Louisiana with her husband, Blake, and their three beautiful daughters: Evelyn (5), Clara (3), and Chloe (2). She graduated from LA Tech with a B.A. in journalism and then earned her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in counselor education from UNO. She is the owner of MWF Counseling, LLC. In between seeing clients and chasing toddlers, she enjoys watching Real Housewives and drinking as much caffeinated tea as possible.


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