Meet Our New 2016 Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce our community to eight new members of the Red Stick Moms Blog team. Each one is a dynamic, warm and inspiring mom in Baton Rouge, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them both online and in person at any of our upcoming events. We are humbled and honored to have these women join our team.

Kodi Wilson

Her krewe: Braden (10) and Laila (1)

new contributorsOriginally from: Dodge City, Kansas (Lived in Baltimore, Chicago and Wichita too)

Her favorite snowball flavor: wedding cake, stuffed

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Parrain’s or Coyote Blues

During LSU games you’ll find her: A) at a tailgate, B) in the press box, C) watching from home, or D) getting some quiet time shopping while everyone else is at the game!! I am spontaneous like that.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge? Highland Park Splashpad or Liberty Lagoon

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: a culturally-rich opportunity. Raising children in the Red Stick ensures my children will grow up with polite manners and address adults with “ma’am and sir”, they will experience unique events like Mardi Gras and LSU tailgating, all while learning how to eat boiled crawfish and appreciate the amazing food.

Megan SouthMeganall

Her krewe: Carson (6), Atticus (5), and Evangeline (2)

Originally from: Port Allen

Her favorite snowball flavor: Chocolate with condensed milk

Her favorite Baton Rouge meal is: Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Shrimp & Corn Soup, and a side of Tabasco Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette salad from The Chimes

During LSU games you’ll find her: In the North end zone all season, baby!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Rural Life Museum and Area 51

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: having the conveniences of city life with the feel of a small community

Jamie LeBoeuf

Her krewe: Ben (11), Jack (9), and Lauren (3)

Jamie LeBoeuf familyOriginally from: Buras, LA

Her favorite snowball flavor: is the Strawberry Doozie from Olivia’s Snowballs in Watson. It is a stuffed strawberry snowball that has fresh strawberries and real cheesecake pieces on top. Amazing!

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant: is Little Village. I like everything there!

During LSU games, you’ll find her: at Tiger stadium occasionally, but usually either at our house or our good friend’s house, laughing, yelling and eating our weight in BBQ or nachos.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: is taking the kids to LSU to see Mike the Tiger and then swinging by Coffee Call.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: the perfect balance between the opportunity that a city provides, and the comfort and safety that small town affords.

Nikyla Trask

Her krewe: Kyre (13), K’mya (8), Kristopher (5)

IMG_4395Originally from: St. Louis, MO

Her favorite snowball flavor: Strawberry Banana

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Carrabas Italian

During LSU games you’ll find her: Somewhere with purple and gold on yelling with her hands up!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Area 51 or any local museum.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: much like our cuisine, hot and full of surprises.

Sarah Joy Hays

SJ and HHHer krewe: Henry (2)

Originally from: Lafayette, LA

Her favorite snowball flavor: Any flavor from Plum Street Snowballs!!

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Zippy’s

During LSU games you’ll find her: watching the game with friends (or IN the stadium if tickets are available)!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market! 

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: complicated as a working mom (and completely solo parent). SO many great things to do, but I always feel like I’m missing out on SO much!

Katie Corkern

Her krewe: Aaron (12), Connor (9), Cooper (5)  

14224861_10102130987860544_5465035993739869271_nOriginally from: Loranger, LA

Her favorite snowball flavor: Wedding cake

Her favorite Baton Rouge meal is: Louisiana Lagniappe’s Ponchartrain dish!

During LSU games you’ll find her: at home with all my boys eating football food, yelling our hearts out!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Strolling downtown around the Capitol and the river!

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: extraordinary due to the fact that they can get a dose of incredible history at the State Capitol on the MS river, captivating sports in Death Valley, beautiful culture in hundreds of restaurants, and deep-rooted Southern hospitality with every person you pass on the street!

Cassie Treuil

Her krewe: Blaison (13), Kade (5), Kellan (3), and Matty (1)

13482940_1332997250048511_3906774673721630176_oOriginally from: Baker, LA

Favorite snowball flavor: Pink Champagne

Her favorite Baton Rouge meal is: Anything TACO from The Velvet Cactus…with a cucumber orange margarita ALWAYS

During LSU games you’ll find her: at home with fam, cheering the tigers on! Cooking, eating, drinking, laughing….making memories!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Area 51 trampoline park! Because anything that’ll zap the energy out of a car full of boys equals good naps and some peace and quiet for mamma!

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: Worth it!

IMG_4490Camille Simon

Her krewe: Caleb (6)

Originally from: Memphis, TN

Favorite snowball flavor: wedding cake

Favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Little Village

During LSU games, you’ll find her: at the Big Bumpin’ Tailgate wearing purple and gold hiding my face! I’m Tennessee Volunteer for life but who can deny the camaraderie and fun of Tiger Football?

Our favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: is going to the Red Stick Farmer’s Market and hanging out downtown going to the capital or Louisiana State Museum.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: such a fun experience! There are always fun things for us to do and we never get bored!


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