2016 Red Stick Mom of the Year Winner!!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2016 Red Stick Mom of the Year is ::

Teresa Hyfield

Teresa Hyfield{Nominated by :: Amy Martin}

Teresa is a client of mine, I haven’t spoken to her in a while but I keep up with her on Facebook. She is the most kind and generous person. She is currently watching her own mother suffer greatly with a severe case of Alzheimer’s (she writes about it and her life on her blog). She faces challenges and trials with unwavering grace, never letting those circumstances get in the way of her attitude toward her children. Every spare second she has she spends with her husband and 2 children. They aren’t wealthy people but they are the richest when it comes to quality of family time. They live a modest life, but it is the kind of life we all wish to have. Weekends spent at the park, planting gardens, doing crafts, going to parades, going to festivals, reading at the library etc. She embodies the kind of mom that I want to be but can never seem to muster the will power to be. I hope this doesn’t sound insulting, but she and her husband are big kids, they seem to LOVE life so much and want to soak up all of the experiences rather than try to keep up with the Joneses or keep up with anyone for that matter. The first time I met her, she just oozed with love for those kids and her husband, the kind of love and respect that seems to get lost nowadays. There is no doubt that her family is her number one priority. Though I am sure there are hard days, she never seems to lose that focus. Teresa is not someone I think of everyday or even see posts from that often but for some reason when I saw your Instagram post, I immediately thought of her. Maybe it was God, or fate or whatever higher power you may believe in. I believe it is because she absolutely deserves this award, to be pampered and get a little spoiled. She is a selfless person and I would love for her to be able to have a treat that would refresh her spirit and make her feel as special as I know she is.

Congratulations Teresa!! You are the winner of the awesome prize pack giveaway worth over $440! 

Mom of the year

We would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you AMAZING moms out there!


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