Finding Community with 225 Moms

Somewhere between sticky pancake hands and blue toothpaste all over the vanity, mamas sigh in their homes alone. Deadlines, appointments and meetings swirl in our heads. Milestones and meltdowns make their appearances. Overwhelm and loneliness can creep in.

There’s no shortage of posts in online mom groups of women seeking friendship and solidarity. Did you have a rough night of sleep? Me too, friend. Let’s have some coffee and cope with it together.

Cue 225Moms.

I was a brand new mama to a little boy who needed therapy appointments and specialist visits all while being an airplane ride away from my family and best friends. Two girlfriends of mine kept inviting me to their MOPS group (now 225MOMS) and encouraging me to take time to recharge during this difficult season of motherhood. I kept saying “no” as I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of adding anything additional to our calendar but they kept inviting me periodically to come join them, assuring me my son would be well cared for and they would save me a seat at their table. After several months I decided I truly did need what this group had to offer: A community of loving moms, trustworthy and wonderful childcare for my son, and speakers who were interesting and inspiring. After my first visit I was hooked! I have made wonderful friends, learned from our wise speakers and now I’m volunteering to give back to this great group that supported me when I needed it! We would absolutely love to have you join us!

225Moms (formerly MOPS), at Istrouma Baptist Church, is a faith-based, supportive group for expectant moms through moms of high schoolers. We hope you will feel connected and encouraged. We have multiple meeting options: the Baton Rouge Campus has a morning and nighttime option and the Ascension Campus meets in the mornings. No matter which one is right for you, you’ll find fellowship and friendship and fun.

Come well-rested or weary. Come in your cutest outfit or your workout wear. Show up just as you are and we’ll make sure to save a seat for you.

225Moms offers free and loving childcare, hot coffee, and delicious food. You’ll also have a caring table group, led by an encouraging and wise mentor mom. All of this with the hope that you’ll always leave feeling full and uplifted.

Attending 225Moms means you will enjoy inspiring guest speakers, fun crafts, service projects, moms night out, playdates and authentic friendships. Join us when you are able. Our meetings feature stand-alone topics so you can jump right in as your schedule allows.

Follow our 225MOMS Facebook page to stay up to date on our meet-ups. Registration is now open! We can’t wait to meet you.


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