3 Must Haves On A Long Car Ride With A Toddler

3 Must Haves On A Long Car Ride With A Toddler

Travel with a toddler can be lots of fun but takes a little preparation. Here are my 3 must have items for a long car ride!


This consist of everything that is absolutely needed. I always pack my daughter’s diaper bag the night before so that I won’t forget anything. I include diaper change necessities, such as diapers, wipes, changing pad, vaseline and a spare change of clothes. Toddlers are likely to spill something on their clothes and if so, you want to be prepared. I also pack a mini zip bag to store dirty clothes, if needed, and a medicine bag. I always pack children’s Tylenol, thermometer, allergy medicine and sunscreen. Also packing hand sanitizer whether it’s liquid, wipes or both is a good idea. It is important to fight away germs, as well as cleaning your hands before and after changing your little one.


Something to keep your little one busy, whether it is a favorite book, favorite toy or my daughters favorite, her tablet with Barney or Ms. Rachel. It is a must that we pack one of these if not all. Don’t forget favorite book for car rides. I like to choose a good sensory book. Sensory books are not just fun but they give your child the opportunity to engage with books in a different way, which will keep your little one occupied. And be sure to include their favorite toy. When it comes to toys, I find that bringing options is the way to go. A musical toy that sings nursery rhymes or the alphabet can be very soothing, as well as a stuffed animal. I personally pack a small toy bag with a few of her favorite toys. This can definitely help on car rides when your little one gets fussy.

3 Must Haves On A Long Car Ride With A Toddler


When it comes to on the go snacks, I am a pro. I find that packing a toddler lunch bag with a variety of things is the way to go. It gives my daughter the option to choose what snack she wants. She loves picking a snack out of her bag. A few things you can find in my toddler lunch bag: Whether it’s a banana or sliced apples, fruit is a must! I also pack soft corn. This is a perfect on the go snack and they provide all kinds of flavors, plus it’s healthy and less messy. If your tiny tot loves peanut butter and jelly, making peanut butter and jelly with the crust cut off is also a good idea. I often take a cookie cutter and make different shapes, which adds some extra fun to her snack. Yogurt or applesauce is also a great addition. Last but not least, a sippy cup. When it comes to my daughter’s sippy cup, I always bring a bottle of water and apple juice.

And this is my top 3 must haves for a toddler on a long car ride!

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