5 Remedies for Closing the Learning Gap after Distance Learning

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5 Remedies for Closing the Learning Gap after Distance Learning

5 Remedies for Closing the Learning Gap after Distance Learning

Distance learning has made an impact on children over the last year, and not always for the better. Many students have missed out on learning, while some schools have struggled to provide adequate education in the fast shift to distance learning. Consequently, students have become disengaged in most virtually held classes and are falling behind. Parents and educators are understandably concerned that this lag in learning could have permanent effects. Applying these five time-tested remedies will not only get students back on track to recover time lost, but will also inspire them to learn with a renewed mindset to achieve more than ever.

High standards

By setting standards high, students naturally reach higher, especially once they feel the confidence that comes with success. When students are told they can achieve more and are shown how to achieve more, they believe they can achieve more. Founded on these principles, BASIS Charter Schools have been educating students according to the highest international standards since 1998. Now, throughout the network, motivated K–12 students consistently outperform peers, by any measure.

Challenging curriculum

In order to keep curious minds engaged in active learning, the content presented must be interesting and deep enough to really dive in and experience it. The BASIS Charter School Curriculum sets the foundations for comprehensive content mastery, beginning in kindergarten, with each step fully preparing students for the next step. Fundamental concepts, first presented in their most elementary form, are revisited and built upon each year. Thus, the pace and balance of the robust liberal arts and STEM-infused curriculum allow students both the time and opportunity to dig deep into many disciplines and discover subjects that inspire them.

Charter schools in Baton RougeComprehensive support

Equally vital to achievement, a supportive culture empowers students with confidence that yields high performance. Of course, topics and lessons are always more interesting and accessible when presented by experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. BASIS Charter School teachers are all hired because of their knowledge and enthusiasm for their field of expertise. Their excitement translates to engagement, and leads students to experiment and innovate through deeper comprehension.

Social-emotional learning

Students face many challenges that affect their ability to thrive in school. Beginning in kindergarten, BASIS Charter Schools encourage and reinforce essential success skills, such as accountability, organization, time-management, communication, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving at every grade level. Instilling these strategies early allows students to accomplish more and sets them up for a lifetime of learning.

Hard work

Hard work requires dedication, but it does pay off. BASIS Charter School students work hard, and they are well-rewarded for their effort and excitement for learning that drives them to be their best. Schools in the network are continually recognized among the best schools in the nation. In 2020, BASIS Charter School graduates were accepted into some of the top colleges and earned $78,747,119 in scholarships, an average scholarship package of $112,175 per graduate.

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