5 Top Crockpot Meals for Busy Weekdays

With school back in session, it’s critical that I have a solid meal plan for the week that doesn’t take a lot of time or require a ton of ingredients. Working full time while being a full time wife and mom leaves little room for error Monday-Friday, so my crockpot is my very best friend! 

I also find it less stressful if I cook a few sides on Sunday that we can eat early in the week. I also try to cook extra of our favorite dishes to keep in the freezer for those days when it’s just  not happening. 

Here are my top 5 easy weekday crockpot meals that I can start before we head out in the morning that are ready to eat after school or practice:

  1. Mississippi Roast. This is by far our favorite roast and it’s super easy and oh, so tasty! We love this roast served with mashed potatoes and corn. Here’s my favorite recipe.
  2. Baby Back Ribs. I’ve learned over the years that the key to cooking these in the crock pot is removing that skin on the backside of the ribs…just slide a knife beneath the skin on one end and peel that off before you season your ribs. After you do that, follow this recipe! We typically eat our ribs with mac and cheese and pork & beans. 
  3. Taco Soup. So easy, hearty and tasty. This is definitely one of those meals that you should freeze if there’s extra! You’ll want to grab sour cream, shredded cheese and tortilla chips to top this soup off. Here’s my favorite recipe
  4. Red Beans & Rice. You can’t go wrong with this Louisiana favorite! Grab your favorite fried chicken and biscuits and you’re all set!  This is another dish that you can freeze for later. 
  5. Whole Chicken. We can eat on this for a couple of days and if we don’t finish it, I’ll make chicken salad for lunch. Here’s the recipe

I also never go into the store to buy groceries. I am Target’s #1 fan mainly because of their fast and efficient drive up service! It makes life so much easier and I believe it’s a money saver because we all know there’s no going into Target without picking up a few items you know you don’t need! 

I’d love to hear your favorite weekday recipes and time saving tips! Share them in the comments!


Trimica and her husband Orlando have been married 21 years and have 2 beautiful daughters, Jayde, 19 a college sophomore, and Layla, 11 who is entering 6th grade. Together, they love to travel, spend time entertaining friends and family and try new food and restaurants. Professionally, Trimica is a dynamic leader with robust skills. She has a 25-year history of leading and supporting high performing, engaged and empowered teams. Trimica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Louisiana State University and a Master of Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is also a Project Management Professional, certified in 2013 by the Project Management Institute.


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