Best Exercise for the Whole Family

Best Family Exercise

Whahoo!! It’s practically swimsuit season so it’s time to be in reasonable shape before you make it to the pool. But it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get exercise alone so let’s get in shape with the entire family.

Exercising with your children can build lifelong healthy habits. It’s fun and it’s a great bonding experience.

  1. Yoga: This one is fun for everyone. just grab some towels or mats and head to the room with the most open space. You could even go outside if it’s pleasant. Model the moves and have everyone copy. I wouldn’t do anything extremely difficult.  
  2. Walking & Talking: Best Family ExerciseThis one is great for cardio and bonding time. As you walk, you’ll get to talk about everything on your mind. It’s wonderful and healthy.
  3. Floor exercises: I consider this advanced. Everyone can compete in a healthy way with push ups, sit ups, burpees, etc. You may see the fastest results here.
  4. Sprints: We love to run to see who is the fastest. It’s so much fun. No one really realizes that it’s exercise.
  5. Basketball: Organized household sports are so much fun. It’s a learning experience when it comes to competition and it’s exercise. We go over different basketball skills. We use two hoops to make a “full” court in front of my house. My youngest is always Lebron James.

    Best Family ExerciseBest Family Exercise
  6. Tennis: Running over all of the court chasing the ball is so much fun. We love to work out this way. Sometimes we switch up the tiny tennis balls for a super large one and it’s always a fun time. 

Exercising with the family is a fun way to get healthier while spending time with those you love. You’ll be healthier and will have a bonus of having incredible memories with those you love. Your children will always carry with them the happy memories of getting healthier with the family. 

Best Family ExerciseBest Family Exercise


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