5 Ways to Make 2020 Feel Supernatural

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5 Ways to Make 2020 Feel Supernatural

Let’s creep it real. The start of the 2020 school year has brought unprecedented experiences for parents and children alike. But as we gain our footing in these new learning environments together, the EBR Schools family is creating new ways to make this year fa-boo-lous!

Through all the ups and downs this year, EBR Schools have a few tricks for taking the fear out of 2020.

1. Keep Spirits Up

Whether your child is in preschool or preparing for high school graduation, getting
accustomed to new guidelines, schedules, and teaching styles takes some time. As kids
adapt to these unique environments, they can easily pick up on the energy all around
them. You can help by projecting a positive attitude about school, so they can go forth
with happiness and confidence.

2. Be Proactive About Conversations

It’s important to inform your child about things they might be hearing on the news or from
peers, but may not fully comprehend. To help reduce stress and instill success, check in
regularly with your child and provide examples about how to cope with these new

3. Celebrate the Season

Don’t let COVID-19 damper the mood. With the fall weather here, it’s a great opportunity
to take learning to the great outdoors. Give your child a break from the screens and a
breath of fresh with fun family outings. Use seasonal activities like gardening, corn mazes
or pumpkin patches, for safe, fun and informative activities to brighten up your kids lives.

4. Embrace New Learning Opportunities

No Halloween (or protective!) mask can hide EBR Schools’ joy of having students back. As
we start returning to normalcy, encourage your child to try new things like joining a club
or making new friends. This will help them create new opportunities for success and
embrace the return to in-person classes.

5. Maintain Traditions

With the holidays approaching — especially every kid’s favorite, Halloween — you can
make this year’s celebrations special with simple modifications. Pull out all the stops with
carving jack-o-lanterns, hosting a socially-distant costume parade, and even organizing a
trick-or-treating car parade. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to make the occasion
even more memorable!

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