To The 90 Percent, From The 10 Percent

To: The 90 Percent

From: The 10 Percent

I sit here feeling more emotions than my mind can comprehend, one of those feelings being guilt. Guilt for being one of the very few who were spared through this unthinkable disaster. I am watching my friends, family, and even complete strangers go through something that I cannot fully grasp. I even wondered if it was because God knew that it was something that I couldn’t handle.Louisiana Flood

I have a family in my home right now who came here with the clothes on their back and their two dogs in a crate. That’s it. We have managed to get them cleaned up and gave them a warm meal and a place to lay their head down to sleep. During all of this the only thing that they worry about is if we know how much they appreciate us. But little do they know it is them that I am thankful for.

I want to thank them for allowing us to care for them. Allowing us to feel like we are helping in some way. Thank you for allowing me to use you to teach my children about compassion and love for one another. Thank you humbling me in a way I’ve never felt before. Thank you for the strength that shown to me and my family.

Throughout the coming weeks there will be so much to do. I just kindly ask “The 90 Percent” to please allow us “10 Percent” to help you during your time of need. We are here to help you!!! Please allow us to help you do your clothes and clean out your homes. Please allow us to grieve with you at this sad time. Please allow us to help you to pick up the pieces and make them better.

Although our needs may be different, the pain we feel for our community remains the same. Most of all please remember this, “Our Strong 90 Percent” … the “10 Percent” has your back! We love you!

By :: Leigh Ann Wills Spence



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